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“Hi, my name is Hans Jakobi. If you have even a remote interest in becoming wealthy through real estate, you’ve probably heard my name, read my books or seen me interviewed on television. If not, let me refresh your memory.”

Over 150,000 people around the world have read my book “How To Be Rich & Happy On Your Income” which is now in its 10th print run and has also been published in China, India, Korea and the Philippines.

Some of my other best selling books and materials include:

  • Financial Freedom … starting now! - An Action Guide
  • Health, Wealth & Wisdom In The New Millennium
  • 101 Health, Wealth & Wisdom Tips
  • Due Diligence Made Simple
  • Cash Cows - How To Create Extra Sources of Income so that Money Keeps Pouring Into your Life … Forever!
  • The Super Secrets To Real Estate Wealth coursee
  • Property Investing Masters

However, what really qualifies me to teach people such as you how to achieve financial freedom through real estate, is the fact that I walk my talk!

I’ve got more than 28 years of “in the trenches”, “hands” on experience in both residential and commercial real estate. My first real estate investment was a $40,000 warehouse in Lavinia Street, Athol Park (Adelaide) when I was in my first job.

After three and a half years, I used this property to leverage into another warehouse which was under construction in Perth. Later on, I bought a warehouse in Melbourne . . .

My first residential investment was a two bedroom unit in Allawah (Sydney) when I was 26 years of age. It cost $33,000 to buy at the time, and I still remember how I struggled with the bank manager to get the finance.

I was newly married and they wouldn’t take my wife’s income into account in assessing our ability to service the loan. They said she might get pregnant and would not be able to work any more. In June 2007 we sold this unit for $315,000 which proves how property can grow your wealth.

Thirteen months later, we bought a house because my wife did get pregnant. The people in the units above us, slammed the windows and cupboards closed in the middle of the night in anger when our little girl wouldn’t stop crying and we figured it was time to move.

I’ve owned a studio apartment in a high rise building in Sydney, land, warehouses, houses, town houses and villas in NSW, SA, WA and Queensland and I’ve researched the real estate market in Canada, the USA and New Zealand. At the moment, I choose to invest mostly in NSW and Queensland.

Because of the range of properties I’ve owned in various states over the years I know lots of the pitfalls and benefits of owning certain types of properties. All have their good points and all can have challenges if you don’t know how to manage them well.

I know this from personal experience, - not because I learnt it at a seminar somewhere.

Even though I’m not a developer, I’ve been closely involved in building and renovating several houses and factories. I’ve probably had a more diverse exposure to real estate both in Australia and overseas than many other property gurus around these days.

How To Be Rich and Happy

Financial Freedom and Independence

Property Investing Secrets

Real Estate Investing Information

Due Diligence for Property Investing

Real Estate investment information

I am Known As "Australia’s Wealth Coach®"
Because I Teach Ordinary People - Like You
and I - How To Take Control Of Their Finances
and Create Wealth.

Super Secrets To Real Estate Investing

What sets me apart from most other financial educators is that I do NOT have a vested interest in your investment decisions. In other words, I am independent and do not stand to profit from your investment choices.

I am proud of my long-held reputation for independence and honesty. I don't sell real estate or shares. Therefore I don't stand to earn any commissions or kickbacks from what I teach.

(There are many people claiming to provide investment education when in reality they are running seminars as a spruiking tool for their wares. Don't be fooled by these people!)

Real Estate Investing and Investment course

By the same token there are other people who criticizeanyone and everyone who seeks to provide real estate investment education whether they are genuine or a shonk. Yes there are definitely a lot of shonks in the real estate investment industry, and you should beware, but at the same time, “don’t tar everyone with the same brush!”

Don’t just be cynical and suspicious about everyone. That will harm you. Look at their track record and make sure they walk their talk before you listen to someone. If they are credible, at least check out what they have to say and form your own opinion especially since some criticisms may not be particularly objective.

My mission is to teach ordinary people how to take control of their finances and build REAL wealth. I believe that YOU are the only person you should trust with your money and therefore I suggest that you should learn as much as possible about managing your money and making it grow.

The idea is to make the transition from working for money to having your money working for you so that it supports the lifestyle of your choice.

Some seminar presenters seek to impress you with claims of instant riches, expensive jewellery, clothes, mansions and flashy toys. Who knows if they actually own these things or whether they are on lease, rented or highly geared? These things are not a real measure of true wealth in my opinion.

While I do own a nice car or two, I don’t promote this and on most days I drive a 4WD farm ute (pick up truck) with genuine cow manure on it. (No Bull!) Since it’s a work vehicle, it’s even got a few dents and scratches on it. I drive a vehicle to suit my needs, not to impress.

I would rather impress you with what I know and can teach you, than with a whole bunch of expensive toys. I’m more interested in substance than gloss, glitz and glamour.

Apart from financial wealth, I measure true wealth in terms of relationships, health, happiness, your family and your spiritual connection. The time you have available to pursue the things you love to do also ranks highly for me.

You see, most people think that financial independence is all about having lots of money. It’s not! It’s about time.

Time is actually more valuable than money because as you get older, you become more aware that time is running out for you. Time is finite whereas money is abundant. If you knew when you would draw your last breath, what would you do on your last day on this planet? Would you spend it making money or being with someone you love?

That’s why in addition to addressing the subject of financial wealth, I also cover areas such as values, attitudes, belief systems, health, balance, lifestyle and personal choice. I often use the quote: "Rich people are not rich because they have money. They have money because they are rich"

On the formal side of things, I have a degree in Economics and Accounting and I’m a chartered accountant by training. I’ve run several successful businesses and I’m an established property and shares investor.

How I got started as a Real Estate Investor

My first investment was a $700 loan I made to my father’s business while I was still a teenager. I had earnt the money by working during my school holidays and it was very nearly spent on records and bell-bottom jeans rather than being invested!

I quickly learnt to appreciate the power and benefit of compound interest and gradually built up the deposit for my first property purchase, a warehouse in Adelaide, which was soon followed by another in Perth and one in Melbourne.

Residential Real Estate versus Commercial Property

While my first foray into property was by way of commercial real estate, I advocate residential real estate as the easiest and safest way for most people to start out. This is because it is usually quicker and easier to find tenants for residential properties. “There’s always someone who wants a home” so the vacancy period with residential real estate is generally much shorter than with commercial property.

Wealth Dynamics International Pty Ltd

An Australian-based company, Wealth Dynamics International Pty Ltd (ABN 38 081 878 499) has been providing educational resources from Hans Jakobi and other reputable wealth educators since 1998. Our educational resources are sought-after around the world and we operate from our own premises in Central Western NSW, Australia.

Mega Success Club - Australia

Our independent financial education resources can guide you to greater prosperity, better health and success.

We are NOT financial advisors or planners – we are  wealth educators and coaches. We cannot and do not provide you with specific financial advice about investments. We believe that you are the best person to understand and manage your financial affairs. That’s why we suggest you learn as much as possible about managing your money and making it grow.

At Wealth Dynamics International we know that your privacy is important to you and therefore we do not sell or rent our client database to other parties and only authorised staff have access to your information. Our clients tell us that they respect us for that.

If you’d like to change your financial future for the better and enjoy a happy and prosperous lifestyle as a real estate investor, I strongly suggest you order either the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course or our Advanced program now.

Warmest Regards
Hans Jakobi - Your Wealth Coach
Hans JakobiYour Wealth Coach®

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