Are Positive Cash Flow Properties
Hard To Find?

It is certainly easier to find properties which lose money than ones which make money because the ones which lose money are advertised all around the place as providing you with great tax deductions.

Be Careful! - This type of advertising changes your focus to looking for tax deductions rather than maximising your INVESTMENT RETURNS. Don't be fooled by RED HERRINGS!

If you know where to look and how to find them, you'll certainly find positive cash flow properties. Because they're not widely advertised as such, many people give up after a few phone calls or a quick search of the internet.

That's one of the many things you'll learn in the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course. Here's what one of my successful students found:

“I found the biggest challenge is locating positive cash flow
properties and actually making offers”

positive cash flow properties image "Your course is extremely informative, understandable, practical and invaluable.

I bought your Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course in October 2004 and within two months I had purchased 3 positive cash flow properties.

I found the biggest challenge is locating positive cash flow properties and actually making offers. At first I didn't believe the formula. I thought it might have worked 10 years ago but that it could be out of date in today's market.

I started searching via the internet and found properties which were close to your formula Hans, but they didn't quite match. I remember you saying 'make lots of offers and you will be surprised.'

I did what you said and made a lot of offers based on my internet searches. Of course, all my offers included a clause "subject to my inspection."

Most of the offers were rejected and I received some counter offers which were much lower than the asking prices even though they still didn't match your formula.

You taught me that making a lot of offers was important (even though I found it hard).

By making the offers I found that several vendors wanted to negotiate with me.

Once I had started my negotiations with a number of vendors, I decided to physically inspect the properties. I flew to Queensland and what happened next really surprised me.

I bought three properties which are fully tenanted. One is a block of three flats yielding 11.4%, the other two properties are houses showing a rental return of 9.9% and 9.3% respectively. The three properties average a 10.2% return which completely matches your formula.

I found that by physically inspecting the properties I demonstrated that I was a serious investor and this motivated the vendors to negotiate with me further.

Thank you for steering me in right direction to improve my investment decisions. If I had studied your course a few years earlier, I would be able to work less now. Your course gives me the power to achieve financial freedom. Thanks again Hans."

Bin Cao, Sydney, NSW

Please note that at the time Bin Cao was looking for positive cash flow properties, real estate prices in Australia were booming in most areas. It was very much a seller's market. Because there are many people competing for the same property, it is harder to hunt down excellent deals during a boom. Despite the buoyant conditions, Bin Cao still found three properties with an average return of 10.2%. That is an excellent result and one that will produce healthy ongoing profits.

It just goes to show that if you are willing to put in the groundwork, to do the research and learn, you will find some absolute gems. You will also learn a real lot about the market and how to spot a good deal. This is something you learn by actually going out there and doing it as Bin Cao did. It's something you need to discover for yourself. I will teach you HOW to do it in the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course, however I can't do it for you. You need to put the knowledge into action. If you do, you will reap the rewards.

Many would be property investors are not willing to take the time to educate themselves properly before they jump into the market. Instead they are always looking for the latest shortcut to wealth and the best 'hotspots' . Often they end up losing money in the process. The smartest property investors understand that property investment is NOT a get-rich-quick strategy but rather a grow-rich-systematically strategy based on sound and proven principles.

The biggest opportunities in life are not going to come chasing after you. You need to go looking for them AND you need to know what they look like when you find them. To do that you need to educate yourself.

Many people have become millionaires simply by following my easy-to-understand strategies. Here's another success story:

positive cash flow properties graphic

At first I thought your course didn't work . . . but after buying 8 investment properties worth over $1,300,000 - I know it does!”

"Hans your course was different to anything I had done before.

Even though I was sceptical at first, I know your principles work. Your course has been invaluable. It really works. Thank You!"

Ray Wallis, Perth, WA

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