It's A Lot Of Money For Us!

“I was reluctant to invest in your course.
Now I know it is invaluable!”

“Until I had met you Hans, I had not spent more than $20 on information and therefore I was reluctant to invest in your course. Now I know it is invaluable!

Within the last 2 years we purchased 9 properties with a total value of $1,720,000”

Mike Creed, Melbourne, Victoria

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There is no question that your investment in the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course involves a substantial outlay on your part and in return you will have access to more than 28 years of real estate investing experience - all presented in the most comprehensive real estate investing course available today. In fact the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course puts all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together for you!

Just as any promising athlete utilises the services of a coach, dietician and trainer, the wealthiest and most successful investors make their fortunes by studying, understanding and applying the secrets to successful investing from others.

Rather than risking their investment capital on poor decisions through a lack of knowledge, astute wealth builders seek out mentors and coaches with more knowledge and experience, and learn from them.

They clearly understand that it is smarter, cheaper and more effective to learn from someone who's already been there than to learn the hard way.

If you seriously don't think it is worth investing in your education, perhaps you should ask yourself:

If you had a choice of spending an hour with a multi-millionaire investor willing to share their secrets with you or an hour discussing investment strategies with your neighbour, which would give you the most useful and valuable information?

It's Been My Experience That You'll Pay
For Your Education One Way Or Another.

You'll either make a relatively small investment in your education up front or you'll pay for your lack of knowledge and experience through the mistakes you make and the losses you incur.

It is far cheaper to invest in your education up front than to learn from your mistakes!

All of the people who have invested in my course and applied my teachings have had HUGE benefits well beyond their investment in the course. Interestingly, they are now wealthier than before they studied my course. Even though they too were originally reluctant to make that big investment, they continue to tell me how glad they are that they did decide to take that plunge. I'm sure you've read many of the testimonials we have received from our satisfied clients.

“I was worried about purchasing this course, as $3,500.00
is a lot of money for us but I cannot begin to say
how much we have learnt from Hans”

“We only purchased the Super Secrets To Real Estate Wealth course a few months ago and since then we have been busily watching and listening to the DVD's & reading all the books every spare minute we get. I must say I was worried about purchasing this, as $3,500.00 is a lot of money for us, but cannot begin to say how much we have learnt from this course.

Hans has really motivated us. The DVD's have given us inspiration that maybe we really can do this. Hans is an excellent teacher and is always smiling. A great gift. I am also really impressed how Hans keeps in contact with us via email & the surprise gifts we received in the mail e.g. the latest CD.”

Karen Beavis, Country NSW

Who will lose out if you DON'T invest in the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course?

It won't be me because I already have the knowledge and experience, which I share with you in the course. (Do you?) Financially I am comfortable and I'm already living the lifestyle of my choice. (Are you?)

If you are not already a highly successful property investor then I suggest that the biggest risk for you is that you'll miss out on the benefit of learning from my more than 28 years of real estate investing knowledge and experience!

“Your course has given me the confidence to get out there and begin taking action on our goals rather than just thinking about it”

“The Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course is excellent!

Easily the best course on property investing that I have come across.

The depth and detail of information that Hans provides is very powerful and has given my family and I the confidence to get out there and begin taking action on our goals rather than just thinking about it. Thank you very much.”

Isaac Ranson, Blackwater, Qld

To protect your investment in the course, I offer not 1, but 2 money back guarantees! You can read them in detail here:

Click here to read the details of my guarantees (on our website's front page).

Remember: As an added BONUS I am offering you a 40 minute telephone coaching session to answer any questions you may have after completing the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course.

Every single person who has had a telephone coaching session with me has been surprised by how much MORE they learnt that will no doubt save them thousands of hard earned dollars in unnecessary mistakes.

For example, here's what Della Robertson emailed to me after her session:

“I Just Want To Thank You For Taking The Time To
Personally Answer All Of My Questions”

“Hi Hans,

I just want to thank you for taking the time to personally answer all of my questions during my 1-on-1 telephone coaching session with you, especially since we went well over time. Your down to earth manner quickly made me feel at ease.

I took 3 pages of notes and really appreciated that you also allowed me to have the telephone coaching session with you recorded. I think it's priceless!”

Della Robertson, Verrierdale, Queensland

To qualify for this GUARANTEED one-on-one coaching session on the phone with me personally, you'll need to invest in the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course before Midnight on Wednesday, 25th July 2018 using the special links below.

We offer you three investment options:

1. Your Cheapest Payment Option:
The cheapest way to invest in the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course is to take advantage of our single payment option. Click here now to order using our single payment option.

2. The 4 Easy Instalments Option:
If it suits you better to pay a deposit of $997 followed by 3 easy monthly instalments of $957 for the course, click here now to order using our 4 monthly instalment option.

3. Your Special Extended Payment Option:
real estate Australia graphicI'm committed to helping people from all walks of life enhance their wealth so I've specifically designed an extended payment option to ensure that those on a limited budget can afford their monthly repayments and still gain access to this powerful information.

With our special extended payment option, you have immediate access to my proven wealth building strategies. To take advantage of this extended payment option, your initial deposit is $1,197 followed by 8 easy monthly instalments of $350 for a total investment of $3,997.

If this option suits you best, click here to complete our online credit application and we will contact you as soon as we have verified your information.

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