It Sounds Too Good To Be True!

From Hans Jakobi,

Yes I agree that the description of the course and the many powerful testimonials are impressive and that as a result, you may be thinking: "it sounds too good to be true."

Let me ask you this however, "if you were in my shoes and you knew that you had the most comprehensive real estate investing course available, as well as wonderful success stories from many satisfied (and now wealthier) students, how else would you tell people about it?"

The reality is that ALL of the success stories you see, read and hear are genuine. They have been sent to me by my students. There's no denying that. In many cases you can see and hear these people and I'm sure you will agree that they are just ordinary people like you and me who have learnt something that works and are willing to tell someone else about it. That's the bottom line!

If you doubt that, perhaps you need to ask yourself: "why would all these people say what they do?"

Here's Probably One Of The
Most Important Things That People Say About Me:

Real Estate Investing Couple – Trish & Graham Bevan

Listen to Trish & Graham

“Hans, We Went With You
Because We Could Trust You!”

“We went with you because we were able to trust you and that’s been borne through a thousand fold since. We’re very pleased we took that step."

Trish & Graham Bevan, Sydney, NSW

What Sets Me Apart From Other Financial Educators?

I have a long and respected reputation for providing honest, independent and impartial financial education. I do not sell real estate or shares or any other investment product. I focus purely on education.

In other words, I do not stand to profit from your investment decisions and don't earn commissions or kickbacks from what I teach.

How many other real estate 'educators' can truthfully say that?

How About My Track Record?

I personally use the strategies and techniques I teach in building and managing my own investment portfolio. I am an ACTIVE real estate investor and have achieved the balance between my personal and business life that most people only dream about. I show you this on the DVD we send you as part of our real estate investing pack. In other words: I walk my talk. We still own the first property my wife and I bought soon after we married.

I've owned a high rise apartment, land, warehouses, houses, town houses and villas in NSW, SA, WA and Queensland and I've researched the real estate market in Canada, the USA and New Zealand.

Because of the range of properties I've owned over the years, I know lots of the pitfalls and benefits of owning certain types of properties. I know this from personal experience - not because I've learnt it at a seminar somewhere.

Even though I'm not a developer, I've been closely involved in building and renovating houses, offices and factories.

I've probably had a more diverse exposure to real estate both in Australia and overseas than many property gurus around these days.

Everything I Teach Is As A
Result Of My Personal Experience!

Here's what another one of my students said about the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course:

“You Are The ONLY Educator In Australia That I Know Of Who Provides A Detailed Step-By-Step Program On How To Invest In Positive Cash Flow Real Estate.”

Property Investing Success Story - Accountant

“I have been to numerous seminars over the past couple of years and in my opinion, your course provides the most comprehensive investor guidance for finding the best investment property, how to actively manage the risks of investing, and invaluable lessons on investment pitfalls that must be avoided.

I, like yourself am a Chartered Accountant so I'm always excited by numbers and strategies that make economic sense. Your course clearly outlines what types of properties are the highest yielding for the investor, while also being attractive to average renters and how to maximise my tax benefits.

Mike Creed (one of your successful students) and I started investing in property at the same time. He has property worth $1.7M, and a passive income of $80,000 plus capital growth of approximately $465,000.

I own or control property worth $2.2M which has had capital growth of approximately $300,000 with a break even cash flow. I know which position I would rather be in and it's not mine.

Thanks for putting your course together. It has certainly opened my eyes to a smarter way of building wealth. It gives ordinary people like me a real chance at financial freedom.”

Bernard Dimattina, Melbourne, Victoria

It's good to be sceptical so you don't get ripped off, however you also need to recognise a good deal when you see one!

Some people are cynics who spend most of their lives doubting and criticising others. Often they are the arm chair experts on just about everything, however when it comes to actually achieving something themselves, they have very little to show for all their so called expertise.

Be Careful That Your Healthy Scepticism
Doesn't Turn Into Destructive Cynicism Because
It Will Stop You From Achieving Your True Potential!

I too have my critics and imitators. Over the years there have been quite a few people who have copied and plagarised my materials and tried to trade off my good name and reputation. Some of them have come and gone, while others still persist with their dirty tricks.

My achievements and reputation for integrity will endure and I assure you that if you are interested in becoming a better property investor, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by investing in the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course.

Just to prove to you that I put my money where my mouth is, I make sure that you are fully protected by my powerful money back guarantee which you can read in detail at:

Click here to read the details of my guarantees (on our website's front page).

The Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course is definitely as good as all these people say it is. However, only you can decide if you are willing to make it work for you.

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To Dramatically Change Your Financial Future?

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Warm Regards,
Hans Jakobi - Your Wealth Coach
Hans Jakobi - Your Wealth Coach®

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