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Hans Jakobi & Wealth Dynamics International Pty Ltd have been in business for over ten years and have a long reputation for providing honest, independent, reliable & impartial financial education. Hans Jakobi has over 28 years experience in residential and commercial real estate.

You are Dealing with an Award Winning Team!

  • In 2004 Hans Jakobi & Wealth Dynamics International Pty Ltd were the winner of the Business Services category in the Lithgow Business Awards
  • In 2002 Hans Jakobi & Wealth Dynamics International Pty Ltd won the Home Business Category in the Lithgow Business Awards
  • 2004 - Hans Jakobi - Finalist, LBA Business Person of the Year
  • 2002 - Hans Jakobi & Wealth Dynamics International Pty Ltd - Finalist - Australia Post Small Business Awards
  • 2002 - Hans Jakobi & Wealth Dynamics International Pty Ltd - Finalist, Small Business Champion of Champions Awards

Hans Jakobi Bought The Bank!

A Case Study Example For You To Learn From

In March 2004, Hans Jakobi & Wealth Dynamics International Pty Ltd bought the old Westpac Bank building in Portland and in May 2004 Hans moved their offices from the farm to their modern, newly renovated premises in town. From these premises Hans is able to serve you better and more efficiently. In fact, over 98% of all orders received are processed and shipped the same business day.

In line with Hans Jakobi's teachings, this is another cash flow positive investment which has also produced significant capital growth. This is a commercial property, however, he has applied the same principles he teaches for residential property investment to this transaction.

The details provided below are intended for educational purposes, not to gloat about Han's transaction. By going through the process for you and giving you the details, Hans hopes to demonstrate how he did this deal so you can learn from it.

First of all, here's how the building looked when Hans Jakobi bought it and BEFORE he carried out the renovations.

Hans Jakobi building  Old Building - Hans Jakobi
Old OfficeJakobi - Old Office

The premises were purpose built as banking chambers for the Bank of New South Wales (which became the Westpac Bank in 1982) in 1960. The building was sold at auction in June 1989 to an investor for $115,000 with the Westpac Savings Bank Limited as a tenant.

Then on 15th April 1994, Westpac Bank closed the Portland Branch and the building had been vacant until Hans Jakobi bought it. That's 10 years the building was vacant for!

  • How do you think the investor's cash flow was going on this 'investment'?
  • Do you think he may have been a motivated vendor by the time Hans had spoke with him?
  • Do you think the bank knew it planned to close the branch when it sold the building?
  • What can you learn from this example?

As you can see from the pictures above, the building looked pretty sad and sorry. In fact, most people in the town considered it to be an eye-sore. The building had been closed up for ten years and the roof leaked. Can you imagine what it smelled like inside?

The paint was peeling off the walls and the blackberries in the back yard were growing onto the roof.

Hans's first impression of the building - It was dirty, dusty and derelict... BUT it was a solid building.

Find out how Hans Jakobi turned this derelict building
into a Fully Renovated PROFITABLE Office Building!

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