Finally: Here's GOOD NEWS For People Who Want To Generate Strong & Positive Long-Term Income From Real Estate Investments In Any Economic Climate By Following A Proven & Tried System Created By Australia's MOST TRUSTED & RELIABLE Real Estate Educator ...

"Upfront & Honest Laser Guided Real Estate
Investment Education & Knowledge That Will
or Second-Hand, Shonky, Ignorant
Property Investment Information That Costs
YOU A Small Fortune In Time & Money...

The Choice Is YOURS...

How To Peep Over The Shoulder Of
Australia's #1 Real Estate Investment Coach...
Enjoy Outrageous Success & Wealth RIGHT NOW!"

Attention: Take the phone off the hook, put DO NOT DISTURB on the door, pour yourself a soothing cuppa, get a comfortable spot somewhere and please read this letter carefully because it offers you a REVOLUTIONARY opportunity to Acquire and Build Long- Term Passive Income From Property Investing... Even If YOU HAVEN'T A CLUE WHERE TO START!

Discover How "Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth"...

  • Gives YOU a proven step-by-step master plan to build a million dollar property portfolio...
  • Allows YOU a truly unique opportunity to SEE and LEARN how a highly successful Real Estate Investor uses his finely tuned experience and skills on location to search for properties, analyse deals, conduct property inspections, speak to real estate agents, property managers, tax experts, financiers, asset protection experts...and solicitors
  • Offers YOU the chance to establish income from property investment using simple but powerful strategies YOU can implement again and again... whether you wish to own one property...or build an entire empire!

Plus Much, Much More...

real estate investment

Specialising in Breakthrough Education for Property Investors by teaching AND assisting them to apply the most efficient strategies for property investment... using the latest property market trends and Insider Information...even if YOU'VE never Invested in property before...

Plus: He Guarantees you great value for money and support with every piece of information he provides you or you don't pay a red cent!"

 Click Here To Hear A Personal Message
From Hans Jakobi Before You Read Further
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real estate secrets

If you're someone who dreams about owning one or several POSITIVE CASH FLOW properties that put money into YOUR pocket instead of taking it out... but you're skeptical about whether such property deals are just a lot of Hocus-Pocus...or simply too hard to find ...

... then chances are you're a person who scratches their head in frustration and wonders how other people seem to make a fortune in the property market when you're left out there in no man's land floundering... but before you get down in the mouth about it, there is some LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL... and that's why this will be the most important letter you've ever read.

In a minute I'll explain why, but first I'd like to share a story with you...

My name is Hans Jakobi and in 1995 I was faced with a personal crisis. I had just sold a distribution business that I had operated for several years with the intention of taking over a food manufacturing plant. But at the last moment the deal fell through... and I was at a loose end.

I had been trained as a chartered accountant (my degree is in economics and accounting) and I had worked in accounting practices... and my father's business before venturing out on my own.

I knew I wanted to work for myself, but at the time I wasn't sure what it was that I wanted to do...

This was a pattern that had occurred in my life before and I usually opted for security, by going back to a salaried position. This time however, I decided to do something different, although I must admit for a time I lost my fire and enthusiasm... and felt that I lacked direction.

While I was looking for opportunities...

I took a short-term job selling investment real estate. I had invested in real estate for many years and it was something I strongly believed in. However, what I discovered during my short time with this company was that many people were being misled.

The company that I worked for sold investment properties in Queensland and would fly potential investors interstate for a free look at the properties that were for sale...

The clients would be picked up at the airport and driven to visit the properties. However, what the Queensland sales people were told to do was to drive a certain route. They could not drive past any billboards advertising other properties...nor real estate agents offices.

In fact, the whole presentation was organised so that the unsuspecting client would have no idea of what comparable values were in that area.

As most investors came from Sydney or Melbourne...

The prices quoted, in comparison to Sydney and Melbourne appeared to be good value. Most of these properties were sold at around 20% above market value... and many of the salespeople selling these properties were not aware of this fact... I certainly wasn't.

The clients were pressured to sign a contract on the day of their visit. Generally they were told that this was the last property available... and many signed the contract then and there.

Under NSW law there is a cooling-off period that allows people to change their mind, but as these contracts were signed in the presence of a Queensland solicitor, no cooling-off period applied at the time. The contract was binding (thankfully the laws have now been changed.)

You may wonder how these guys got away with it, particularly when the banks approved their finance...

It was common practice to mortgage the investment property as well as the client's home. I became highly suspicious when clients with perfectly good credit ratings and the potential to pay off a loan were refused finance.

What separated these clients from the ones that were approved, was that they also had a substantial mortgage on their home. Those people whose applications were approved easily, had a huge amount of equity in their property and therefore they were not aware that they were paying to much for their investment property.

Here's Why I, Hans Jakobi Am Uniquely Qualified To Teach YOU How to Generate Multiple Streams of Passive Income and Giant Profits From Real Estate!

Hans Jakobi - Wealth Dynamics
  • I walk my talk! I've got more than 28 years of “in-the-trenches”, “hands-on” experience in both residential and commercial real estate
  • Because of the range of properties I've owned I know and can teach you the pitfalls and benefits of owning almost all types of properties. This knowledge and experience is nothing short of priceless for you!
  • My company, Wealth Dynamics International has been in business since 1998 and I have a long and respected reputation for providing honest, independent and impartial financial education.
  • I do NOT sell real estate or shares or any other investment products and do NOT accept commissions or kickbacks from what I teach. I focus purely on education. Not many other property “educators” can truthfully say that! In other words, you'll NEVER see me spruiking property deals.
  • I have achieved the balance between my personal and business life that most people only dream about. I enjoy life on a country estate and teach people like you how to manage your money better and create real wealth.
  • Wealth Dynamics International is a member of the Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA). This is an international non-profit organization of internet leaders working to develop a safer internet.
  • Probably the BIGGEST reason why you should experience what I teach is that the results my students have achieved are the best PROOF that my strategies are easy to follow and that they work!

So don't take my word for it – check out what my students say about me and what I teach.

And what I soon realised due to my accounting and auditing background was...

The banks would have a first mortgage on the investor's home...and they could draw on this to the maximum if the investor defaulted. In other words, if the bank held a mortgage of $20,000 on the investor's home and $175,000 was owed on the investment property, then the bank could claim the whole lot in a default situation.

When clients already had substantial mortgages, the banks (who must have known these properties were overpriced) did not have as much security... and therefore refused the loan, so some of these investors were encouraged to take out mortgage insurance to buy the investment property.

Many unsuspecting investors...

Who had been promised high rents and growth in property values were stuck with white elephants they could not rent at the rents promised once their rental guarantee period expired. Eager to get out and cut their losses, some investors decided to sell out at a significant loss.

Naturally once I realised what was happening, I left my job immediately and that experience led me to discover my passion...

I wanted to be part of a solution for property investors...not part of the problem. I wanted to teach people the secrets of creating wealth honestly.

You see, wealth to me is more than just money; it also encompasses relationships, lifestyle, time, helping others and personal fulfillment as well as money.

Money is the tool that provides us with FREEDOM and the luxuries of life.

Having discovered my purpose, I set about creating my current business, Wealth Dynamics International Pty Ltd... and my purpose has been to live and teach the principles of TRUE WEALTH!

I'm confident that I can teach, help and offer YOU a fantastic opportunity to Discover the Little Known Secrets about TRUE WEALTH through the experience and knowledge I have accumulated both as a Real Estate Industry Expert Investor... and as an educator.

The BEST PART is with the benefit of my experience, all this is possible and soon I'll show you how, but first let's just step into the future for a minute...

Imagine climbing out of bed each morning brimming with confidence knowing that YOU own, or better still, control over a million dollars worth of property that you've successfully invested in.

YOU feel full of energy, alive and refreshed... and you're looking forward to the new day with a child-like zest for living because you've achieved an incredible amount of passive income and capital growth as a result of your wise decision-making... wouldn't that be brilliant?

Imagine enjoying fabulous relationships with your family and friends. Just for a moment let yourself feel what you want from life and how you want your life to be.

Can you see it?

Imagine exactly what you want and savour this moment in your mind and let this feeling stay with you. See your new future. Feel the wonderful life you want to live.

Did you do it?

Did you imagine how your life could be? Could you see yourself experiencing all those things that you truly wish to do? That's good if you did. Because this is exactly how your life as a successful property investor could be. And it's not a dream, fantasy or mere wishful thinking. Not at all... you'll soon realise this is your new destiny and you're just one click away from achieving it all.

Well there's no reason at all why this can't be your new life... a new beginning that brings YOU incredible FREEDOM and WEALTH but you have to know how...

Look! The properties that I purchase... and that you'll learn how to invest in, have extraordinary potential to increase in value. This is because you'll learn to look for the 'boom suburbs' of tomorrow! While I love to have my passive income coming to me every day... I also LOVE it when my properties appreciate in value! This helps me build up equity... which... I can use to purchase more property . . . without using my own cash reserves!

Soon I'll tell you how you can turn any lingering doubts you might have about property investing into something much more positive in your life by revealing every little trick, every little tactic... and every little strategy you'll ever need to know to build your very own safe and secure real estate portfolio... quicker and easier than I did.

Here's what others have to say about my proven "turnkey" system "Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth"

"Thanks To Your Information I've Gone From
No Investment Properties To Having
6 in 4 Months!"

"Thanks to what you've taught me Hans, I've gone from having no investment properties to having 6 in a space of 4 months! (3 in Cairns, 2 in Brisbane and 1 in Launceston)...
all purchases totally financed by the bank."

Graham Scott, Melbourne, Victoria

Listen to the
Audio Clip of Graham Scott:

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Real World Proof and Results!

Real Estate Investing Success Story

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Listen to Mike

"9 Properties With A Total Value Of $1.7 Million!"

“Since discovering Hans' teachings I've accumulated 9 properties on the Gold Coast and in Adelaide with a Total Value of $1,720,000.

The course was so easy to follow so I was able to implement the ideas straight away and since then the capital growth has been about $465,000. Even though I continue to work by choice, I am generating an investment income equal to the annual income of $80,000 I earn in my job."

Mike Creed, Melbourne, Victoria

"This Course Has Got Everything!"

More Real Estate Investing Client Success

"Even though my wife and I already have 4 properties, your course Hans has been an absolute eye-opener for us.

I just wish we had known about it 7 years ago when we were starting out as it would have saved us a lot of time and money.

Your course has everything anyone would ever need to know in order to invest in property successfully... and I'll keep reviewing your information forever."

Jim Carrol, Sydney NSW

Well as they say 'the proof's in the pudding' and these people are over the moon and you will be too...

And it really doesn't matter if you've NEVER invested in real estate before... or if you believe you don't qualify for a loan... or even if you can't tell the difference between a townhouse or a unit.

"Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth" is a unique course that has the power to turn YOU into a property investing dynamo in no time flat, whether you've been an investor for decades... or just days.

It's unlike anything that has ever been created in Australia before. There is nothing like it anywhere. In fact, it's the most cutting edge, practical and PROVEN 'down-in-the-trenches' program you'll ever see.

With the "Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth" home study course, you'll be able to go out into the 'field' with me... and watch me search for real estate, analyse deals, conduct property inspections, interview real estate agents, tax specialists, asset protection experts and financiers... and actually purchase real estate LIVE!

AND in a short space of time, if you follow and implement my well proven and groundbreaking strategies YOU too will have extra CASH FLOW...and the time to do the things YOU want to do in's that easy!

"The Only Real Estate Educator In Australia Who Provides A Detailed
Step-by-Step Program On How To Invest In Positive Cash Flow Real Estate!"

Property Investing Success Story - Accountant

“I've been to numerous seminars over the past couple of years and in my opinion your course provides the most comprehensive real estate investor guidance for finding the best investment property, how to actively manage the risks of investing and invaluable lessons on investment pitfalls that must be avoided.

I, like you am an accountant so I'm always excited by numbers and strategies that make economic sense. Your course clearly outlines what types of properties are the highest yielding for the investor while also being attractive to average renters and how to maximise my tax benefits.

Mike Creed (one of your successful students) started investing in property at the same time as me. He has property worth $1.7milion and passive income of $80,000, plus capital growth of approximately $465,000.

I own or control properties worth $2.2million, which have had capital growth of approximately $300,000 with a break-even cash flow - I know which position I'd rather be in and it's not mine.

Thanks for putting your course together. It certainly has opened my eyes to a smarter way to building wealth. It gives ordinary people like me a real chance at financial freedom.”

Bernard Dimattina, Melbourne, VIC

If you want to skip right to the ordering info, simply

real estate investing strategies

It's BETTER THAN Going To A Seminar Because You'll
Have This Information Right At Your Fingertips
Refer To As Often As You Like!

Have you ever been to a seminar where your note taking was insufficient... and you found that a few months down the track, all you could remember was that it was a good seminar, but the specifics escaped you?

real estate invest

Well it's happened to me too! It's a real shame when that happens, particularly when the seminar was jam-packed with important information that you really wanted to know and apply...and all you ended up with was information overload.

I've experienced these same frustrations with seminars too, so what I've done is provide my students with a more lasting way of... learning, retaining and applying the information I teach.

You can refer back to my information as often as you like, until you've got every last little piece of vital information, and it won't cost you an extra cent...
nothing could be sweeter!

Break through seminar limitations & the feeling of
confusion... and
enjoy having the latest, Groundbreaking
Property Investment Information right at YOUR FINGERTIPS
in the Comfort of your own home... where YOU can

watch, listen & learn at your own pace!

Here's just a slice of the amazing things about creating massive wealth & abundance you'll learn...

  • How to locate an area where property prices are set to skyrocket!
  • The secret question to ask real estate agents that gets you the hottest deals... before anybody else!
  • Revealed: how to protect your assets and minimise your tax using the same strategies normally only reserved for the rich and wealthy!
  • The little known way to get tenants into your property... without reducing the rent!
  • At Last: a real no-brainer, (yet usually overlooked) the way the rich legally pay less tax...and how you can too, even if you're not wealthy right now!
  • How to shrewdly manage your own “Golden Super Fund” so you have more than enough money to enjoy your life in retirement!
  • Why an investor received a $90,000 “cash bonus” from the tax office... and how you can too if you know this insider secret!
  • Discover the 2 things you must get completed before you purchase a property!
  • Finally, the low down on how to purchase hot real estate... at bargain basement prices!
  • The #1 biggest mistake most investors make before signing the contract... and why you MUST avoid it!

And that's just for starters...

Property Investing Success Story - Steve Wright

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Listen to Steve

"You Will Look At Property In A Totally Different Light!"

"I highly recommend the "Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth" course. I have already purchased 3 properties since studying the course. What you will learn is valuable knowledge, teaching you to look for cash flow positive property.

"The cash flow will then pay off your property. The only thing is I wish I had started doing this earlier in my life."

Steve Wright, Sydney, NSW

Your Rental Income Will Be GREATER Than Your Loan Repayments...
Leaving YOU With a Healthy Profit Each Month. PLUS...
Your Properties Have Incredible Potential of Increasing In Value Too!

Yes, I'm talking about owning POSITIVE CASHFLOW property that puts money into YOUR bank account, instead of taking it out.

When I tell people that I, and my students, focus on purchasing positive cash flow properties, there is a strong degree of initial scepticism. They feel deals like this don't exist... or... if they do, they are impossible to find. Especially when real estate prices are skyrocketing.

Do you believe this too? If so, you're not alone.

Many people think this at first. In fact, after discovering what I teach, people often jump onto the internet and start searching for the types of properties I and my students invest in. They soon find out that they are not advertised and therefore they think they don't exist. The reality is, THEY DO EXIST and how to uncover and negotiate for them is one of the important skills I'd like to teach you.

Other misinformed people say: "Sure, these properties may produce a nice, regular stream of income... but what about the property increasing in value in the future?” If this is what you're thinking, consider this: The properties that I purchase... and that you'll learn how to purchase, have extraordinary potential to increase in value. This is because you only purchase in the 'boom suburbs' of tomorrow!

While I enjoy the rich benefits of passive income coming to me regularly... I get really excited when my properties dramatically grow in value!

This allows me to accrue more equity that I can use to buy more and more property . . . without draining my own cash reserves!

So far, you've only seen a very small sample of the testimonials my office is flooded with on a regular basis. Normal everyday people, just like you, working towards a life of complete and total financial freedom.

Perhaps your name could be added to these files... if... you qualify for consideration in this program.

You see, there are certain kinds of people that I do NOT want to purchase this course.

Below is a list of criteria you need to consider in determining whether the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course is right for you...

real estate investing strategies

  • 1.   Do YOU want to build a safe, secure long-term passive income from real estate?
  • 2.   Is it important for YOU to AVOID the risks associated with 'get rich quick' real estate schemes?
  • 3.   Would YOU like to minimise the impact of market fluctuations?
  • 4.   Do YOU want your rental income to be greater than your loan repayments so you receive a reliable cash flow in any economic climate?
  • 5.   Are YOU interested in a legal, ethical, proven strategy for building wealth?
  • 6.   Do YOU appreciate the value of quality, independent information... and are you willing to pay for it?
  • 7.   Do YOU want to learn from someone who has already achieved success... is already wealthy and will shortcut your learning?

If your answer is NOT a resounding YES to these 7 questions above, you may as well stop reading now.

Real Estate Investing Strategies

AND if you're after a way to become a millionaire in 1 year or less, this course isn't for you.

This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme!

Please think of the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course as...

A Finely Tuned Step-By-Step System That Spells Out Everything There Is To Know About Property Investment In PRECISE DETAIL ... and How YOU Can Build A Strong, Stable Real Estate Portfolio That YOU Can Rely On In ANY Economic Climate, - yes even in a rising interest rate environment!

Please let me explain . . .

In 1997, I created the original version of the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course. It was simply titled, Super Secrets® to Wealth... and in the original program, I gave numerous examples of properties I purchased in Sydney for an average price of $85,000.

I was getting extremely good deals...

Because I was purchasing from motivated sellers and because it was recorded years ago, customers would call my office saying the examples were outdated, and that I should bring it more in line with the times.

My response was always the same: "Focus on the PRINCIPLES and TECHNIQUES I teach rather than worrying about the fact that property values have changed. It's the principles you need to understand. Values will always change... but principles are timeless! If you get hung up on the prices of the properties in the course, you'll miss the entire point".

Nevertheless, I've decided to expand and update the original course...

Not create a totally new course mind you...just greatly modify and expand on the original course by going out into the field and conducting live interviews with ALL THE EXPERTS you'll need. They answer all the questions you could possibly think of... and more.

You'll be amazed and thrilled at the in-depth & comprehensive content
of the new Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course...
and it's
cutting edge real estate strategies delivered right to YOUR door...
ripe for the picking, by YOU!

“From 0 To 18 Properties In Just 4 Months!”

“Hi Hans, just to let you know that with the incredible information I learnt from you, I've now purchased 18 properties since January 2005.

Your information is very easy to understand and follow and really explains what to do and how to do it, to become a successful real estate investor.”

David Fong, Sydney, NSW

Listen to the
Audio Clip of Graham Scott:

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And look! We've left absolutely nothing to chance. Below I've outlined the major features of the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course and explained what you'll find in each module...

Here's What You'll Get On The First 6 CD's in Volume 1:

Super Secrets to Wealth Audio Program

In the first volume, you'll receive the entire original Super Secrets® to Wealth audio program on CD.

Here's what you'll discover...

  • My proven step-by-step master plan to build a million dollar property portfolio!
  • How to use my exclusive RTP formula... a powerful tool that shows you exactly which properties you should consider... and which you must avoid!
  • 2 essential principles you need in order to build a solid and profitable real estate portfolio!
  • How using a simple piece of paper can increase your chances of securing a hot property... at a huge discount!
  • How to avoid the 'big mistake' most investors make... that costs them thousands of $$$ per year (Don't be caught in this deadly trap!)
  • Blow-by-blow 'case studies' for you to learn and profit from!
  • How to locate good reliable tenants who pay their rent on time... and... treat your property as their palace!
  • How to get your first home with no money down!

Plus More...

This original program has been responsible for helping scores of people achieve financial freedom. It has shown hundreds how to build million dollar portfolios. It can do the same for you... if... you follow the simple strategies in it.

While it is a brilliant program, I've now added another fifteen DVD's ...and I've expanded the original manual from 52 pages to 74 pages to include my comprehensive answers to the questions I am asked most often.

Are you starting to see why it's a brilliant opportunity for YOU to purchase the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course... and soak up every bit of information it has to offer in the current real estate environment... and look there really is: No Fluff, no Nonsense, just straight out quality information for your investment with no risks to you whatsoever.

Here's What You'll ALSO Get On The 15 DVD Modules in Volumes 2 and 3:

Real Estate Invest DVD one

DVD # 1 : Welcome To Super Secrets On Location!

  • How I purchased a property 30 minutes from the Gold Coast... sight unseen! (The property has since increased in value by more than 318%. Discover the unique characteristics this property had, and WHY I purchased it!)
  • How to make sure you're not overpaying for real estate! (You'll discover my simple secret for purchasing positive cash flow real estate every time!)

Real Estate invest DVD two

DVD # 2 : The Voice Of Experience - Barry Black's Story

This is the story of my good friend, Barry Black. Diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, he was told that he would lose the use of his hands, and could not continue as a computer programmer. He had to find alternative sources of income.

He decided to learn about property investing, and went out and did a property investing course in Canada. Within 3 days he purchased his first property. Second week he purchased his second property... and... for the next 40 months, purchased one townhouse EVERY MONTH!

And then Barry's lawyer, forged the Power of Attorney documentation and embezzled $10 million! This took his net worth from $4 million... to... negative $6 million! With a wife and family to provide for, Barry was bankrupt. He lost the boat, the sports car, the waterfront home... and... the jukebox.

Crippled with Parkinson's disease and the grim realisation that he could no longer borrow money, he was faced with the challenge of rebuilding his empire. And rebuild his empire he did! Using strategies he learnt from me...and his previous knowledge, he has built his passive income to the point where Barry no longer has to worry about money!

I share his truly inspiring story so you can understand what he did to get back on top... and that virtually ANYBODY can become wealthy in real estate. Including YOU!

Property Investment Success Rita

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Listen to Rita

"Hans What You Showed Me Makes So Much Sense!"

"Hans, I've got to admit I'm a big fan of yours. At first I didn't believe I could find the types of properties you talk about but now I know they are there because I've been busily buying some. Your teachings make so much sense and they're easy to follow too."

Rita Micallef, Sydney, NSW

Real Estate Investing Strategies DVD three

DVD # 3 : Getting Started - Doing Your Research

  • How to use the internet to quickly and easily locate and identify hot property areas... and a FREE website you can use that will help you 'zero-in' on the potential boom suburbs of tomorrow!
  • How to easily navigate this free website so you find profitable areas before anybody else!
  • How to find sizzling real estate investments... without doing any of the legwork!
  • Discover the virtually unknown secret for persuading real estate agents to instantly tell you the truth about a property!
  • How to use the power of 'justification' to quickly 'nail' the seller on a lower price!
  • Why you must call more than one real estate agent when you're researching a suburb! (Failing to do this may result in you paying through the nose!)
  • How to beat the agents at their own game... a surefire, guaranteed way to know if the real estate agent is lying to you!
  • A simple secret to saving hours of your time and energy searching for investment opportunities!
  • The single most important characteristic every area you invest in must have... if you want property prices to soar in the future!
  • Why you make your money when you buy property... not when you sell!
  • A real life, step-by-step financial and investment analysis of a 3-block of units in Tasmania!
  • The amazing secret to negotiating the best possible selling price... without ever meeting or negotiating with the vendor yourself!
  • Why you must discover the motivations of the seller... and how to use this information as leverage to increase your profits!

real estate DVD - investment strategies

DVD # 4 : Pounding The Streets - Doing Your Fieldwork

  • The amazing secret to persuading real estate agents to phone you about their hottest listings... before anybody else!
  • The essential information you must obtain from agents when you hit the streets!
  • How to avoid the one huge mistake that most 'budding' investors make when purchasing a property!
  • What every investor must know about the quickest way to sell a commercial property... and how to do it without agent's fees!
  • The critical questions you must have answered when analysing a property deal!
  • How to understand the profitable world of commercial property investment!
  • The no-lose way to buy a house for FREE!
  • The jealously guarded secret to conducting complete and thorough property inspections!
  • An unusual item you must look for in every bathroom!

Listen to the
Audio Clip of
'Pounding the Streets'

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Property Secrets DVD

DVD # 5 : Property Management Secrets Revealed

  • What every investor forgets to do before interviewing a tenant or property manager!
  • The amazing secret to hiring a top property manager!
  • How to virtually guarantee your tenants pay their rent on time... without having to resort to legal action!
  • How to quickly and easily determine if a prospective tenant can really afford to pay your rent!
  • Why almost everyone is wrong about how to manage a property... and the simple secrets to doing it properly!
  • How to avoid the biggest mistake when screening a new tenant!

Listen to the
Audio Clip of
'Property Management Secrets'

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Investment Property Portfolio DVD updated 2008

DVD # 6 : Show Me The Money

  • The Insider's guide on how to increase your property portfolio!
  • Revealed: more of the vital information you must know about property and finance!
  • An important message for retirees!
  • Discover why it's necessary to keep an open mind at the investor's table!
  • The 5 essential elements that can save you time and money when you fill in a bank loan application!
  • Find out the meaning of S.L.I.C.E. and how it puts you ahead of the crowd in property deals!
  • How to build a brilliant property portfolio...NOW... even with a low income!
  • Why you don't need a high deposit to get started in property investing!
  • The little known truth about obtaining loans when you're self-employed!
  • The greatest and latest products in bank loan financing - you'll be surprised!
  • Using a line of credit - the BIG advantages exposed!
  • The truth about no doc/low doc loans - the pluses and minuses you must know about
  • Why it's important to plan ahead and articulate your goals correctly in the sometimes hard nosed world of property dealing!
  • How to procure a unique vendor finance deal that's a real win/win!
  • Explained: Loan To Valuation Ratios (LVRs) - what are they and how do they work?
  • The low-down on Interest Rates - how to find peace of mind when they're volatile and jumping around all over the place!

real estate legal consulting

DVD # 7 : Consulting The Legal Eagles

  • The virtually unknown legal loopholes and traps of buying and selling property!
  • 2 ancient Latin words that have the potential to lead you to bankruptcy! (Do you know these two words?)
  • The truth about exchanging contracts... and why you must never do it in a real estate agent's office!
  • A simple secret for avoiding the most dangerous pitfalls when buying a property!
  • The one thing you must do with a law firm... before you START searching for properties!
  • How to protect yourself legally (and hold onto that hot deal) when a real estate agent is pressuring you to sign immediately!
  • A secret hidden clause in contracts that can result in you purchasing a termite infested property!
  • Why you must never use the same solicitor as the vendor!
  • A hidden trap many buyers find themselves in after purchasing a property... and even after having the contracts checked by a solicitor! (This is a doozy!)
  • How to legally eject a tenant... before taking possession of a new property!
  • Something essential you must do before you purchase a unit!
  • What to do if building or pest inspectors you rely on slap a 'no-responsibility' disclaimer on you!
  • What you must do before auction... to ensure you don't sign a contract with dangerous hidden clauses!
  • What you must do by 5 pm the next day to avert a disaster... after purchasing a property!
  • How to guarantee the seller isn't hiding anything!
  • A simple way to ensure your property hasn't been damaged before settlement!

Whoa! That's quite a list of benefits, isn't it? Believe it or not, this is only a small sample of what you'll be shown in the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course. Are you starting to see why people are saying that this is the most comprehensive program on how to make a fortune in real estate ever created?

Listen to the
Audio Clip of
'Consulting The Legal Eagles'

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But wait we're not even halfway there yet!

real estate invest DVD eight updated 2008

DVD # 8 : Let Them Eat YOU Out Of House and Home

  • Why it's important to find a reliable and fast pest inspector that gets the job done quickly!
  • The importance of a timber inspection report PLUS: the dangers of your pest inspector NOT having a certificate of insurance!
  • Exposed: your concerns about pest control chemicals answered - what they do...and how safe they are?
  • Finally the truth about why you should have regular pest inspections!
  • 5 essential ways to prevent termite invasion and certain destruction of your hard earnt investment!
  • Discover the latest technology the experts use in the fight against pests in your properties - you'll be amazed!
  • Revealed: locations where termites are more likely to appear... stand by for some unlikely revelations!
  • Why your pest control company must have a service warranty!

secerts of property investing

DVD # 9 : My interview with Dale Beaumont author of the best selling book: Secrets Of Property Millionaires Exposed. Dale's Book reveals...

  • The 10 essential strategies that everyone who's interested in wealth creation... needs to be a cutting edge property investor... pure gold!
  • Discover the groundbreaking strategies that the top property moguls use (including yours truly)!
  • How to duplicate the research and strategies of the property millionaires!
  • The little known way to develop the correct mindset for property investing!
  • Research and due diligence - is it that important?
  • Jealously guarded secrets about where the golden opportunities lie in hiding!
  • 3 kinds of people you meet in property investing - which one are you?
  • How to survive adversity - overcoming obstacles in the property market!
  • Why it's important to celebrate your successes!
property millionaires

Behind The Scenes - Super Secrets on T.V!

  • Why I never worry about having a vacant property!
  • The critical differences between positive cash flow investing and negative gearing!
  • How I purchase properties sight unseen... and still make a killing every time!
  • The truth: how smart investors enter into deals!
  • How I pick the hidden suburbs poised to boom in the near future!
  • The correct way to manage your properties so you never have tenant problems!
  • Why most real estate 'gurus' are dead wrong about how to invest in apartments and units... and how I cash-in big each time!
  • A fail-safe way to increase your rent... without losing tenants!

Now, are you finally starting to appreciate why so many people are calling this the most, brilliant and detailed program on how to build your very own real estate portfolio?

DVD # 10 : Uncover Extra Tax Deductions With A Quantity
                      Surveyor's Report

real estate investment tax deductions dvd
  • How to make profitable use of quantity surveyors!
  • When you absolutely must use a quantity surveyor!
  • Why you could be losing thousands of $$$ in legal tax deductions on your property and how you can avoid it!
  • Why you must NEVER just take an accountant's advice about building construction and the legal tax deductions associated with it!
  • A little known way to claim greater tax deductions... and increase your rent simultaneously!
  • A critical thing you MUST do before you renovate in order to put thousands of $$$ in YOUR pocket!
  • Revealed: The 2 different methods of depreciation and how they affect the amount of tax you pay!
  • What is “pooling” and why it's vital to your wealth!
  • The quantity surveyors report fully explained!
Real Estate Investing Great Success - Graeme

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Listen to Graeme

"Your Formula Really Works Hans
it Helped Me To Narrow Down My Property Selection"

"I purchased 2 investment properties using Hans's teachings. I've got approval from the bank for another loan which will enable me to buy another two properties.

Since doing the course I've realized how easy it is to actually invest in property. I sort of thought that property investing was for the high rollers-the high income earners.

I'm just on a normal salary and I've learnt that with my salary I can be up there with the best of them as well."

Graeme Crouch, Melbourne, Victoria

risk-free real estate investment course

real estate tax deduction dvd

DVD # 11 : How To Beat The Tax Man

  • A little 'travel deduction' secret the ATO doesn't want you to know about!
  • How a different way of thinking maximises your tax benefits!
  • The closely guarded secret of the rich... and how they cut their tax to its bare bones!
  • How to legally claim your breakfast as a tax deduction!
  • How you can claim an expense as a deduction... even if YOU didn't pay for it!
  • How to get 'tax credits' from the ATO!
  • An amazing way to claim luxury accommodation and first class travel!
  • The biggest tax mistake most beginner property investors make!
  • How the 'primary purpose' is the secret behind all legal tax deductions!
  • What you must NOT do if you get audited! (Virtually everybody makes this mistake and they end up in serious trouble. Don't let it be you!)
  • How to claim tax deductions for paintings, dog food, movie tickets and even wide screen television sets!
  • The secret to paying 3% tax!
  • How tax can make you wealthy!

Listen to the
Audio Clip of 'How To Beat The Tax Man':

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property empire dvd twelve

DVD # 12 : Protecting Your Property Empire
                      From Predators

  • Whether to own property in your own name or in a trust or company!
  • The benefits of owning property in a 'trust'!
  • When public liability does NOT cover you... and what you can do about it!
  • How an intruder entering your property has the potential to lead you into bankruptcy!
  • An unusual 'insider' secret for preventing predators from suing you in court!
  • The secret to safely passing assets to your children... without future spouses stealing control!
  • Why you should never skimp on your insurance premiums!
  • The amazing secret to making yourself virtually 'litigation proof'!
  • How to invest globally and be protected at all times!
  • How to make profitable use of a 'hybrid trust'!
  • How to legally pay less tax with a 'discretionary trust'!
  • A danger you must know that makes a trust ineffective!
  • How to pass property onto your children... without paying capital gains tax or stamp duty!
  • Why you must never use a company to purchase property... especially if your investment is negatively geared!
  • How to claim your children as a legal tax deduction!
  • How to use equity to safely expand your real estate holdings!
  • How “salary sacrificing” can help you claim a full tax deduction on your home!

Listen to the
Audio Clip of 'Protecting your Property Empire':

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Plus I Talk To Brett Clarke From EBM Insurance Brokers where You'll Learn...

  • How to get the best Landlord insurance and why you're crazy if you don't have it!
  • What happens in unforeseen circumstances where your properties are definitely need to hear this!
  • Why you shouldn't just rely on your property managers to protect your property from possible damage!
  • Discover the best insurance products for property investors on the market today and which ones are of most benefit to you!
  • Revealed: the subtle differences between malicious and accidental property damage - it can affect your valuable investments considerably!
  • How to guard yourself against tenants who skip the rent or default on their lease!
  • The 4 BIG issues to consider when you take rent related insurance that could SAVE you a fortune!
  • The latest Information about Holiday Letting Property Insurance!
  • The Truth About Builders Warranty Insurance!

DVD # 13 : Managed Super Funds: Save Tax and Live Well

dvd - Real Estate Investing save Tax
  • How to quickly and easily set up your own super fund!
  • What is an “allocated pension” and how it drastically cuts your tax!
  • The dangerous pitfall of every super fund... and how to avoid it!
  • How to instantly double your allowable legal super fund contribution!
  • How to slash capital gains tax to its bare bones when you sell a property... even if you've made a HUGE profit!
  • How you can spread your wealth and reduce tax with the "5% rule!"
  • Which expenses you can legally deduct from your super fund!
  • An amazing way to flip the Tax Office's rules and legislations in YOUR favour!
  • A critical danger of managing your own super fund that could land you in jail!

Plus Even More Updated information...

  • Why you need to power up the HOW factor in your wealth development strategies NOW to get where you want!
  • The little known truth about how maths work in achieving your goals...and it's not what you think!
  • How money REALLY works in your life!
  • The jealously guarded truths about estate planning or are they just myths?
  • The LATEST changes that can affect the structure of your assets and trusts... don't miss this one!
  • The advantages of corporate trusts - features and benefits!
  • The little known secrets about trust law!
  • Explained: why you should control but NEVER own...find out why!
  • Warning: the Australian Tax Office's (ATO) views about trusts in today's environment of Tax avoidance!
  • How to structure your trust as your wealth increases!
  • 3 compelling reasons to structure things properly and keep the ATO on side!
  • 4 BIG reasons for self-managed super funds.
  • The 2 HUGE risks in having a self managed super fund!
  • The very latest on salary sacrificing!
  • Recent advice on planning for a super fund that delivers NO tax!
  • How to borrow through trusts

Plus more...

"The No. 1 Lesson I've Learnt From You Hans, Is That Cash Flow Is King! More Importantly, You Showed Me How To Create It!"

"Three years ago I was a courier driver earning only $400 per week; since then things have certainly changed for the better. Let me tell you that I have been able to purchase 5 properties in those 3 years all with a positive Cash flow... the total capital growth on those properties is around $350,000."

Brett Dwyer, Ballarat, Victoria

real estate investing pitfalls

DVD # 14 : Estate Planning, Wills and Testamentary Trusts

Real Estate dvd - Investing Secrets
  • How the whole estate planning process works...and why it's vital to understand it!
  • What happens to your estate if you're 'incapacitated'!
  • A highly unusual, yet critical thing you must do on your children's 18th birthday!
  • Why an “Enduring Power of Attorney” and “Guardianship Appointment” is MORE important than a will! (Most people haven't heard of these terms... yet without them they are leaving themselves, their assets and their family in a very dangerous position!)
  • Exposed: The real dangers of the 'Australian Legal Will Kit' and how it can affect the well-being of those you love!
  • The dangers of creating a will that you must know about!
  • A critical time when you cannot change your will!
  • The amazing secret of how unethical directors of public companies... who squander shareholder funds... evade the law and continue to live a life of luxury!
  • 3 types of wills you need to know about... and how each affects you!
  • The absolute best time to purchase luxury goods... and when not to if you don't want to be in legal trouble!

Listen to the
Audio Clip of
'Estate Planning and Wills':

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DVD # 15 : Property Investing Pitfalls and Traps for Unwary Players

porperty investing DVD - Hans Jakobi

You'll discover...

  • An unusual thing you must do when you purchase a property (forget this and it could cost you thousands!)
  • Why you must never purchase a property adjoining a reserve!
  • The real reason why you must speak to multiple agents when researching a property!
  • The first thing you must do when signing a contract of sale!
  • How you can easily lose your deposit and be sued by the vendor... if... you make this critical 'beginner's mistake!
  • Why you mustn't take advice from well meaning friends or relatives!
  • A surefire way to approach banks so you get the best deal every time!
  • Why securing your tenants into a safe, long term lease costs YOU money!
  • The real reason not to purchase apartments in complexes with swimming pools and gymnasiums (and it has nothing to do with asset appreciation!)
  • Why you must read the 'minutes' of body corporate meetings!
  • How to hire a top notch property manager!
  • The biggest mistake most novice investors make... and how you can avoid it!
  • An insider super real estate secret most experts won't tell you!
  • What you must do if you can't make your repayments!
  • How you can sabotage your investment portfolio!
  • How to maximize your tax deductions!
  • A dangerous trap virtually every investor falls into... and that you must avoid!
  • How leaking taps can wipe away a chunk of your real estate profits!

Listen to the
Audio Clip of 'Pitfalls':

Phew, that's quite a list of benefits, isn't it? Have you EVER seen a course so incredibly detailed as this? No way! And that's because a program like this has NEVER been created, ever before...AND that's just the tip of the iceberg!

NEVER BEFORE Have Ordinary, Average Australians Had Such A Fantastic Opportunity To Learn Precisely How To Build A Real Estate Portfolio
That Can Survive ANY Economic Climate... High Interest Rate Concerns...
Continue To Put Money Into Their Bank Accounts

You'll learn how to channel rental cash flow into YOUR bank account every month. I'm talking about money you can bank. You don't have to wait for property prices to go up...and you don't have to build up massive amounts of equity.

You make money almost immediately!

Imagine each day being 'drip-fed' a nice, secure rental income that flows directly into your bank account... that you can spend on your life partner... on your children... travel... or even reinvest in more properties. In addition, you'll ALSO build up considerable amounts of equity in your investments as they INCREASE in value!

This is equity you can borrow against to rapidly build your real estate portfolio.

I'm different from most investors because I don't want to have to tie up my OWN money to pay off the loan. I want my tenants to pay it off!

PLUS: I want cash left over each week to spend how I want.

This is why I don't believe in the lunacy called 'negative gearing'. With negative gearing, the repayments on your loan exceed the rental return of your property.

“Hans, We Went With You Because
We Could Trust You!”

“We went with you because we were able to trust you and that's borne fruit a thousand fold since. We're very pleased we took that step.”

Trish &Graham Bevan
Sydney, NSW

Listen to the
Audio Clip of Graham Scott:

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Drop Shadow Image

Quite Simply, When You Negatively Gear . . . You Lose Money!
So Why Would You Do It When You Can Invest In Property That Actually
Puts Cash In Your Bank Account Each Month
Instead Of Draining It all the Time?

What's that I hear you saying? You get to claim the loss as a tax deduction. Of course you get to claim it as a tax deduction - you're losing money!!!

Now let's just think about this logically for a moment: You cannot become wealthy by making losses! It's impossible...

Why make a loss when you can make a profit? If you've bought into the scandal of negative gearing, don't worry, it's NOT YOUR FAULT.

You've become a victim of the property marketeers' ... and their dirty little tricks.

Don't blame yourself for buying into their misinformation campaigns.

You didn't know any better at the time. But now you DO! If after reading this letter you continue to negatively gear... then... I think you're absolutely crazy.

Yes, when you purchase positive cashflow real estate, you may have to pay some tax (if any) on these profits (if you do, it won't be much... not when you discover the amazing tax strategies in the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course that cut your taxes to their bare bones).

But even if you do pay tax, who cares??

This is money that's coming to you automatically... day-in-day-out, year after year, whether the market is going up OR down!

"This Is Much Better Than A Seminar! Hans, We Appreciate
Your Honesty And Genuineness"

Judi Mason - another couple investing in real estate

"We found the DVD's to be excellent, and unlike attending a weekend seminar, we can share them with our children and watch them over and over again. We will and have recommended your course to several people.

Hans, your honesty and genuineness to help others to achieve success for themselves comes through very strongly on these DVD's and we feel proud to know you and count you as a friend."

Judi and Greg Mason, Blackwater, Qld

Imagine what it feels like to get your money NOW!

To get your cash NOW! You should be happy to pay whatever taxes you need to pay because it's money in YOUR pockets! The wealthiest people in the world avoid losses at all costs... and so should you!

The step-by-step system you'll discover in the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course will give you a long term, stable and secure income that will continue to put money IN your bank account... no matter what the economic climate.

Property Investing Masters With Hans Jakobi

And Now Here's 2 More Reasons WHY the Super Secrets® To
Real Estate Wealth
course Is Different
From EVERY Other
Property Education Program On The Market Today...

Two of the most significant differences between the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course, and ALL other real estate educational courses, is firstly, the in-depth and probing interviews with insider experts... and... secondly, that much of this program is shot, “On Location”.

I'll talk about each in turn...

During my more than 28-year investing career I've developed a rather extensive list of contacts and experts within the industry. I call this my "Million Dollar Rolodex".

I turn to these experts when I need questions answered... to keep me out of legal trouble, and generally... to make me more money! Experts in...

Real Estate Investing Secrets - Filmed on Location
  • Conveyancing
  • Finance
  • Tax Minimisation
  • Accounting
  • Mortgage Broking
  • Asset Protection

To ensure you receive all the possible information you need to become a successful positive cashflow real estate investor, I locked each of these experts in their offices... virtually tied them down...and asked them question after question after question about legal loopholes so YOU can take advantage of the scarcely known information they reveal.

And I didn't let them go until I was satisfied with the content of their responses. If they weren't clear on a point: I made them clarify it. If they raised an important issue critical to your success, I made them explain it again. If they failed to raise an important topic: I raised it myself!

While these conversations were cordial and relaxed, they did get 'down and detailed'. I asked them every question I could possibly think of that YOU would want to ask... and many questions you wouldn't even know to ask!

And This Is Where The Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth
Course Really Is So Superior!

You get the specifics...

Most seminar speakers who teach from the 'platform' seem to leave out some important details...and it's often overlooked fine details that can get YOU into some serious legal and financial trouble!

Here's where I go one step further...

I show you EVERYTHING! Believe me when I tell you these interviews are THOROUGH! You have never seen anything like them before. In addition to these 'insider' interviews, I've added yet another component. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time in Australia... perhaps the world... where ...

Just Like A Cutting Edge News Reporter... A Multi-Millionaire
Real Estate Investor Has Taken a Camera, Hit The Streets and

Shows You PRECISELY HOW He Purchases
Safe and Secure Cash Flow Positive Properties using
his Time-Tested and PROVEN System!

I wanted to do something different, something that would truly bring positive cashflow real estate investing to life for you. You see, while I believe you CAN learn a lot from seminars... there's a BIG, BIG difference between hearing about something, and actually being there, witnessing money being made live and unscripted... and seeing how I shrewdly purchase positive cashflow real estate when I see fit (while most other people have no idea HOW to).

It's the difference between hearing about something and actually experiencing it for yourself...

You'll have a "down in the trenches", "behind the scenes" "front row seat" you'll see EVERYTHING I've done to build a multi-million dollar real estate empire... and continue to do today!

"After Buying 8 Investment Properties Worth Over $1.3 Million,
I Now KNOW Your Course Really Works!"

Another Real Estate Investing Client Success

"Hans your course was different to anything I had done before and from personal experience I can say that your message is just as relevant today as when you first recorded the course. Even though I was skeptical at first, I know your principles work.

Some of the key lessons I learnt from the course were:

  • That the notion of not having debt and saving as the way to go, was wrong!
  • That as I understood the scope of property investing, it became less
    daunting compared to my day job.
  • That my personal fear was the biggest problem.
  • That I needed to have a plan and stick to it.

I've now built an investment property portfolio of 8 properties in Perth and Melbourne (excluding my family home) worth over $1,3 Million. The rental income from these properties is $1,100/week and will soon be $1,260/week when my latest purchase comes on line."

Ray Wallis, Perth, Western Australia

real estate investing course - order now

This is NOT Theory! My Students and I Have Already PROVEN
How We Build Our Multi-Million Dollar Property Portfolios
PLUS: A Long-Term, Secure Income!

I place it right before your eyes. You don't miss a thing. But please don't purchase this course expecting a Hollywood style production.

This is a true "guerilla" filming, on the front lines of the real investing world. No special lighting, no stage setting or any special takes and edits to cut out the information others wouldn't want you to see.

You'll Witness First-Hand Every Secret I've learnt during More
Than 28 Years Of Real Estate Investing Experience...
It's Yours. - You Get It All!

This means you're going to hear background noise, muffled voices... and even planes passing overhead. I make no apologies for this. I've done it purposely so you get the entire uncut, raw, to the point, no filler, warts and all system that's made me (and many of my students who have learned this system) a millionaire many times over! The income I make from my positive cashflow investments I can rely on, whether the market is going up OR down.

So remember, if it's a Hollywood production you are after, this is not for you.

But without a shadow of a doubt I can tell you now, it's got everything you need to know to make real money in real estate.

I honestly believe that my Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course contains more practical, and resourceful information on Wealth Creation through Real Estate Investing than any other real estate investing course on the market today.

PLUS: You'll be amazed at my incredibly simple... but powerful real estate you too can start to...

hans Jakobi real Estate strategies
  • Build your real estate portfolio
  • Increase your cash flow
  • Maximise real estate profits in minimum time
  • Start generating floods of $$$ to your door
  • Save money
  • Protect your assets
  • Give yourself the kind of return on investment that you know you should be earning

Everything you'll EVER need to know about how to purchase positive cash flow real estate... that puts money into YOUR pockets right NOW... is in this comprehensive course.

And I mean everything!

This Course Allows You To Look Over My Shoulder As I Grill
The Experts And Show You How To Do The Deals YOU'VE
Always Wanted To Do!

And Remember, this a step-by-step system that takes YOU by the hand and shows YOU how YOU can get long term, stable and secure income through real estate investing that will continue to put money IN your pockets... no matter what the economic climate!

"Within two months of buying your course,
we had purchased 3 positive cash flow properties!"

"Your course is extremely informative, understandable, practical and invaluable. You taught us that making a lot of offers was important (even though we found it hard).

Bin Cao - Successfully Purchased Cash Flow Positive Real Estate

By making the offers we found that vendors took us seriously and wanted to negotiate with us.

We bought three properties, which are fully tenanted. One is a block of three flats yielding 11.4%, the other two properties are houses showing a rental return of 9.9% and 9.3% respectively. The three properties average a 10.2% return, which completely matches your formula.

Your course gives us the power to achieve financial freedom. Thanks Hans."

Bin Cao, Sydney, NSW

But here's something that's really going to make your day...
when you purchase the
Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course just to sweeten the pot a little... for a limited time only, I'm throwing in a host of
FREE Bonuses and Savings Valued At $3,672.10

FREE BONUS # 1: (valued at $350)

A FREE Loan Application on the Investor Preferred Loan
from Menzies Finance

Real Estate investor bonus

Loan application fees often cost as much as $500 depending on the lender. This is a fair 'whack', considering the financier is also going to profit from your interest repayments over the term of your loan.

However, when you refinance or apply for an Investor Preferred loan, you won't have to pay ANY application fees!

That's right. I've brokered a special deal that'll allow you to save $350 in application fees on an Investor Preferred loan. This is a very real saving to you. Think of it as cash back in your pocket!

FREE BONUS # 2: (Total Value approximately $300)

A FREE downloadable Report called Guide to Wills & Estate Law valued at $250 PLUS a 10% discount off the cost of preparing your wills and estate planning requirements

bonus 2 - real estate report guide

In this Special Report you'll discover:

  • The importance of seeking advice now (many people fail to do this!)
  • How your assets can be protected tax effectively, and
  • How to prevent family disputes over the Will
  • Your Questions about Enduring Guardian answered
  • Your Questions about Power of Attorney answered

This report is written in easy-to-follow English that anybody can understand.

In addition to this Special Report, you will receive a Bonus Voucher in Workbook 2 which entitles you to a 10% discount off the cost of preparing your wills and your other estate planning requirements.

FREE BONUS # 3: (Total Value approximately $250)

A FREE downloadable Report called The 6 Legal Steps to Purchasing a Property valued at $150 PLUS a 10% discount off the cost of conveyancing and your property law requirements

Property Purchasing - Bonus three

In this Special Report you'll discover:

  • The importance of seeking advice before you agree to the inclusions of special conditions
  • The importance of listing all of the inclusions in the contract so everything you have negotiated with the vendor is actually specified for delivery on settlement, and
  • The steps you need to take to prepare for settlement of your purchase

As well as receiving this Special Report, Workbook 2 contains a Bonus Voucher which entitles you to a 10% discount off the cost of your conveyancing and property law requirements.

and you'll also receive...

FREE BONUS # 4: (valued at $195)

A FREE Personal Property Review

personal Property bonus

This review covers:

  • an evaluation of your current situation,
  • the identification of potential opportunities for you to leverage off your current position and
  • the development of a personalized property investment plan.

FREE BONUS # 5: (valued at $99)

Trust Magic

Real estate bonus - Trust Magic

In this amazing book, Dale reveals many of the simple, insider secrets to utilising discretionary, unit and hybrid trusts to dramatically eliminate your tax and protect your assets.

This book is written in easy-to-follow English that anybody can understand. You'll find the strategies in this book indispensable in building your long-term wealth.

real estate trust purchase

FREE BONUS # 6: (valued at $96.80)

10% Off An Initial Trust Purchase

With this bonus you'll receive a substantial saving on the setup of a trust purchase after discussing your particular structuring and asset protection requirements with one of the professional consultants at Active Financial Answers.

"I Was Worried About Purchasing This Course, As It Was A Lot Of Money For Us But I Cannot Begin To Say How Much We Have Learnt From Hans"

"We purchased the Super Secrets To Real Estate Wealth course a few months ago and since then we have been busily watching and listening to the DVD's and reading all the books every spare minute we get.

I must say I was worried about purchasing this, as it was a lot of money for us, but I cannot begin to say how much we have learnt from this course. Hans has really inspired us."

Karen Beavis, Northern NSW

FREE BONUS # 7: (valued at $55)

Barry Black's Landlording By Checklist Book

For years, Barry did all his own property management. At his peak, he owned 142 townhouses. This is a lot of work for one person to manage. So to ensure that each property was kept in tip-top shape, Barry created a series of checklists.

Real Estate investing land lording checklistThese checklists covered everything from...

  • How to screen applicants on the phone!
  • How to show the property!
  • How to conduct an outgoing inspection!
  • The secrets to writing a kick butt rental advertisement!

We've assembled all these checklists into what's called the Landlording By Checklist book. This book shows you how to save thousands of dollars by doing your own property management.

Barry personally used this guide to manage his very own multi-million $$$ real estate empire!

If you choose not to do your own property management (and I don't) it will show you everything your property manager should be doing for you.

"Your Course Has Equipped Us With the Knowledge & Confidence To Get Started!"

property Success Story - Caroline and Craig

"Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth has been a valuable and worthwhile investment for us giving us the knowledge and confidence to get started.

We always wanted to invest in Real Estate but were at a loss as to how to approach it successfully and with the right mindset. Your course has allowed us to do this teaching us many strategies and tips to help us get on our way.

With the help of your course we were able to quickly and confidently put in place our panel of expert, structures and licensing. We thoroughly recommend the course to anyone thinking of investing in real estate.

The course has potentially saved us thousands of dollars by making us aware of possible mistakes we could have made without your guidance."

Caroline & Craig Makepeace, Sunshine Coast, QLD

hans jakobi Due Diligence

FREE BONUS # 8: (valued at $39.50)

My 144 Page Book, Due Diligence Made Simple

One of the most common traits of wealthy investors is the amount of research they conduct, before making an investment. If you don't do your research, I can guarantee you will lose money in the future. In this simple little book I reveal everything you need to know about how to avoid being taken by the sharks!

FREE BONUS # 9: (valued at $24.95)

My 203 Page Best Selling Book, How To Be Rich & Happy On Your Income

This is the book that helped make me famous. Here's a sample of what you'll discover...

Hans Jakobi - How to be Rich and Happy
  • How to cut your daily spending by 50%!
  • The 7 essential and critical money skills the wealthy use!
  • A simple, step-by-step action plan for your future!
  • How to ask for a bank loan the right way!

This is the book that captured the imagination of over 150,000 readers worldwide, inspiring them to take control of their finances.

FREE BONUS # 10: (valued at $24.95)

The book, The Complete Insider Secrets To Beating The Banks and Owning Your Home Years Sooner! Without Making Extra Payments!

insider Secrets - Real Estate Investment

In this amazing book you'll discover...

  • Why traditional home and investment loans take so long to pay off!
  • How you can use your existing financial resources to save tens of thousands of dollars in interest payments on your home and investment loans!
  • How to use the bank's money - at absolutely no cost to you - to reduce the amount of interest charged on your home loan!
  • How to use the best type of loan on the market and how to structure it so that you save the maximum amount of tax and interest possible!

Plus Much, Much More...

financial freedom - Hans Jakobi

FREE BONUS # 11: (valued at $29.95)

Financial Freedom... Starting Now!

This 270 page Action Guide is an easy-to-read companion workbook to my original bestseller, How To Be Rich & Happy On Your Income.

With the exercises in this companion book, you will cross the bridge from implementation. You will discover how to apply many of my powerful wealth building strategies.

Not bad right?... but I'm not finished yet ... there's more...

financial success to real estate Investment

FREE BONUS # 12: (valued at $59)

A Downloadable Audio File called How To Quickly and Easily Overcome The Biggest Obstacles To Financial Success

Based on the MANY telephone coaching sessions I've conducted over the past few years, I have analysed the BIGGEST obstacles that many people face in achieving their financial goals and what you can do to overcome them. This audio will help you see that you can overcome these obstacles quickly and easily.

FREE BONUS # 13: (valued at $19.95)

The Book
Cash Cows by Hans Jakobi

This 61 page book explains..

How to create extra sources of income

so that money keeps pouring into your life forever!

"This book is dedicated to you and your future.

You have the power to choose the life you want to live.

I believe that you can achieve your highest dreams.

I believe that you can enjoy multiple sources of income

so that money keeps pouring into your life . . . forever.

Itís just a matter of choice and desire."
Cash Cows

order real estate investing strategies course

Well, there you have it. That's quite a list of FREE Bonuses valued at over $1,500, and you'll receive all of these items... at absolutely no cost TO YOU... when you invest in the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth home study course. Keep reading however, because I'm going to add in more than $2,100 in Savings for you as well.

And in anyone's language...

This comprehensive educational package offers you the keys to achieving complete financial freedom through real estate investment. With these products you'll be able to design the life of your dreams. What an incredible offer! And what an incredible deal! We'll need to use a truck, just to deliver the entire course to your door!

Let's Stop and Think About
Your Investment For a Moment...

Take any hundred people at the start of their working careers... and follow them for 40 years until they reach retirement, you'll find that only 1% will be truly wealthy... and only another 4% will be financially secure.

But what's even more startling...

  • 5% will continue working, not because they want to, but because they have to;
  • 36% will be dead and a whopping
  • 54% will be broke... having to live on Government welfare, relatives, friends or even charitable contributions.
  • Perhaps even more striking is the fact that only 5% of the population educate themselves past their school education...
  • and only 5% become financially independent!

That's pretty shocking, wouldn't you agree?

Imagine if you were shown precisely how to own DOZENS of positive cashflow properties that just keep putting CASH into your bank account, keep bringing in money day after day, month after month, year after year. You could...

  • Stop working! Take as much time as you wish to travel, study or pursue your life's dream. Be financially free to NEVER worry about your mortgage or bills ever again.
  • Spend more time with your life's mate... doing the things you LOVE to do like playing golf, fishing, traveling, writing, reading, watching your kids or grand kids play sports. Cheering at every one of their games.
  • Donate money to worthy causes that you believe in, even start your very own foundation. Wouldn't that be a wonderful legacy! What a life that would be!
Real Estate Investing Successful Student - Graham Scott

"As A Result Of What I've Learnt From You Hans, I'm Confident Of Retiring From The Workforce Early And Going Fishing More Often"

"As a result of applying the strategies Hans teaches, I am confident of being able to look after my wife and myself when I retire from the workforce. The good news is that we will have control over our assets rather than someone else."

Graham Scott, Melbourne, Victoria

OK, by this stage you're probably wondering about price,
so let's talk about it...

When I'm doing private, one-on-one telephone coaching sessions, my rate is $750 per hour.

In this entire program, I've invested over 543 solid hours recording the footage, creating and updating the manuals, proofing, editing, on graphic design, travelling, working on websites and conducting interviews . . . to ensure you get EVERYTHING you need on how to become financially free through positive cash flow real estate.

Translated into real world dollars, I've invested $407,250 of my own time, and sweat, to create this program! Believe me, you have NEVER seen anything like it,'s the real deal!

With all this tireless effort, most of my customers expect the course to cost at least $10,000. Others feel that perhaps this is a little too high... and feel $8,000 is more appropriate.

But I'm not even going to offer it to you at this price. For 4 years the full retail price of Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth was only $4,995 - a painless drop in the ocean compared to the incredible wealth building information you'll be given.

You're going to be given the keys to the treasure chest. You'll be walking into Aladdin's Cave... and you'll be shown precisely how to build a strong, safe, long term passive income from real estate that keeps putting cash INTO your pockets... no matter what the economy is doing...even in these uncertain times of fluctuating interest rates.

Real Estate Wealth Course

Another Real Estate Investing Successful Student - Mike Creed

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Listen to Mike

"Now I Know It Is Invaluable!"

“Hans, until I'd met you, I had not spent more that $20 on information!

Within the last 2½ years we purchased 9 properties with a total value of $1,720,000."

Mike Creed, Melbourne, Victoria

Make no mistake, this is definitely a BIG production, to say the least! . . . in addition to my own time and that of my staff, I've spent more than $162,688 in cold hard cash on film crews, equipment hire, travel, editing the CD's and DVD's, creating masters, on graphic designers, and web designers... you name it, I've probably done it!

As you can already see from the many success stories I've received since the course was released, it is very likely that you too could benefit from having this profitable real estate investing information.

Because I've now recouped my development and production costs on this course, I'm going to reduce the price even more, if you respond right now! For a VERY limited time, you can invest in the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course for only $2,867!

hans jakobi Real Estate bonuses

That's more than a whopping $2,100 discount and when you add this to the Bonuses listed above, you've got Bonuses and Savings of over $3,672!!

payment plan - Real Estate Investment Course

But wait! You don't even have to pay all this in one go. You can split it up over 5 easy payments! Pay just $999 today. Then follow this up with four monthly payments of just $467 (total amount $2,867)

This way you can easily fit the investment into your budget, have time to research deals... and even purchase your first positive cash flow property using the simple system from this course... before you've even paid for it all!

How's that for a great deal? There's only one condition though: all I ask is that you pay the installments using your credit card. No cheques or money orders for installment purchases.

And how about this...

The Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course may be tax deductible for you. Depending on your tax bracket, your cost can be substantially less. Speak to your accountant about it.

Having Me Teach You My Entire System In Person
You Can Play Them Over And Over Again
At NO Additional Cost...

This means if you don't understand something that I, or my advisors have said, you can play it back again and again. If you want to pause the program to sit back and reflect... just do so, it won't be a problem! Play them back to your heart's content. And instead of paying an additional $2,867 each time you play the CDs and DVDs, it's ABSOLUTELY FREE!

And, Here's An EXTRA $370 Prompt Payment Saving For You As Well!

Now, if you like an exceptional deal (which most property investors do) and you can take care of it in a single payment... you'll save yourself another $370. Why? Because I don't have the accounting and computer hassles of administering part payments.

I save money when you make a single payment - and that's why you'll also save money!

real estate investment payment image So the most economical option is a single once off payment of just $2,497

Have you ever been offered a more attractive bargain than this... especially for such life changing information?

Think about it. Purchase just one positive cash flow property... and you'll make your investment back in no time flat! Get serious with my system, and...

The Course Will Pay For Itself Many Times Over
For The Rest Of Your Life!

"This would have to be the most advanced course I have come across"

Real Estate Investing Course Review by Elvis Galevski

"I recently purchased your Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course. I was very skeptical at first as I guess a lot of people would be, but the truth is, this would have to be the most advanced course I have come across.

You have made it so easy to understand and the amount of detailed information is incredible.

I have been to a number of seminars in the past and none of those have even come close to providing this sort of understandable information."

Elvis Galevski, Wollongong, NSW

risk free real estate investing course

Whether you choose to pay it all at once... or by installments, your daily investment for the next 12 months is less than $8 a day!

That's not much considering you'll discover precisely how to achieve complete financial freedom through real estate investing.

PLUS: you'll be shown how to build a strong, stable passive income that continues to put money in your pockets, every day.

And remember my brilliant offer where you'll...

Receive more than $3,672 in FREE Bonuses and Savings... and when you think about it, many people spend more than $8 a day on cigarettes... every single day of their lives. $8 won't even buy you a meal in most cafes!

And just when YOU thought it couldn't possibly get any better...

here's something that will really blow your socks completely off


the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth

Real Estate Investing Advanced Course

“My Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth Advanced program is
The 'Insiders' Shortcut To
Every Single Thing I Believe You Need to Know to Experience the Thrill of Being A Savvy and highly PROFITABLE
Real Estate Investor. Even if You've NEVER invested in
Real Estate before, YOU'LL find this really is the whole Toolbox...
the BIG Cohuna!!

The catalyst for me to create a Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth Advanced program was that I received ongoing requests from my students for more and more real estate investing information.

So I thought long and hard about what I could do to ADD even MORE Vital, Breakthrough Information about real estate investing...MORE incredible value and MORE FREE GIFTS to my already comprehensive Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course.

Believe me, it's not easy for me to let this information go so cheaply because I've poured my heart out gathering these resources... in fact, it's taken me most of my working life.

Nevertheless I think it is only right that you should have an opportunity to gain complete access to virtually everything I can possibly offer you as a real estate investor... so YOU can ENJOY the success that I and my many other students do through making sound, secure and profitable property deals yourself.

So here's what I've created for YOU...

The Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth Advanced program has everything we've just discussed in the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course plus even more incredibly valuable services, information and FREE Bonuses too.

In addition to everything in the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course, in the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth Advanced program for just $1,000 more, you'll ALSO receive:

The Complete Property Investing Masters Program - PLUS:
its ENTIRE Arsenal of FREE Gifts & Bonuses normally VALUED AT $2,197 but it's yours for just $1,000... YOU SAVE $1,197

With this highly sought after powerful program as part of the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth Advanced program I'm going to give you the opportunity to be a "fly on the wall" at not one, but TWO exclusive and life-changing property investing events, and discover the secrets to generating positive cash flow and creating wealth in record time.

In recent times, I've spent well over $100,000 putting on and recording what I believe to be two of the most exciting and informative real estate investing events in Australia and New Zealand.

These events were unlike anything you've probably ever seen or experienced before. They weren't anything like the hyped-up and 'low-on-content' real estate “sales promotions” type of seminars that you often come across.

The attendees from each event have learnt the ultimate skill. How to make real money through property in ANY market cycle, quickly, easily and safely! And quite a few of them are already enjoying financial success (keep reading to see and hear what they are saying).

Now as a valued and unique purchaser of the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth Advanced program I'm releasing the exclusive DVD footage from BOTH events to you.

This program is called the Property Investing Masters program and consists of two modules:

  • Module #1: The Creative Property Investment Round Table
  • Module #2: The Property Investing Masters New Zealand Tour
Property Investment With Hans Jakobi scroll down

Module #1 : The Creative Property Investment Round Table

Hans Jakobi Real Estate Secrets Course

At this 'invitation-only' 3-day event, I "spilt the beans" about how anyone can adopt the same "creative mindset" that I and many self-made property millionaires use to create wealth.

It was called the "Creative Property Investment Round Table"...and just 8 days after announcing the event, it was completely sold out, leaving dozens of people begging to attend.

Here's just a fraction of what was revealed at this life-changing event...

Part 1: The Creative Mindset - How to train your mind to recognise profitable real estate opportunities that exist virtually everywhere and that most investors cannot see.

Part 2: Creative Financing - How to arrange finance property deals with little or none of your own money... even if the banks have rejected your previous loan applications. A team of creative finance experts demonstrated strategies to secure finance in many different ways, including vendor finance.

Part 3: Attendee Case Study Examples - Watch as over 50 investors brainstormed and analysed real-life case studies - shared their ideas and experiences, and devise new and creative strategies to extract positive cash flow and increase the value of many different types of properties!

Part 4: Property Investing Case Study DVDs - I'll take you "on location" as I analyse five case study examples, both commercial and residential and reveal step-by-step strategies anyone could use to boost the equity and create a new income stream from these types of properties!

Module #2: The Property Investing Masters NZ Tour DVD's

Property Investing Masters New Zealand

How would you like to follow 10 sharp property investing minds on a comprehensive field trip and watch as they negotiate real estate deals right before your very eyes, and then explain how you can do the same, in an easy to understand step-by-step format?

Recently, a select group of switched on investors paid $9,000 each to join the 10 day Property Investing Masters Tour. It was an amazing learning experience that you can now access too.

I took this group of students into "the field" and, together with other property millionaires, revealed how to turn dozens of properties (both commercial and residential) into positive cash flow incomes!

As you watch the DVDs you'll understand why everything you learn on this Property Investing Masters Tour of New Zealand, can be applied to any free market real estate economy (whether it be Australia, America, Europe, or anywhere else in the world).

Real Estate Secrets New Zealand Tour

Learn How To Create Massive Wealth From Some Of The Sharpest Minds In Property Investing...

property investing masters DVD collection

These experts included ...

  • Property millionaires
  • Real estate agents
  • Tax advisors
  • Asset protection specialists
  • Creative real estate investors, and
  • Accountants

cash flow - investment properties Bill Guthrie: Reveals How He Increases The Cash Flows From His Investment Properties
Kieran Trass - property investment Kieran Trass: Shows You When To Invest For The Best Returns, And How To Make Millions With The “Granny Flat Strategy”
Ross Holmes - Real Estate Investment Strategies Ross Holmes: Explains What You Can Do To Protect Your Assets From Litigation, Taxation And Other Threats
Investment Strategies - Nik Cree Nik Cree: Reveals What The Banks Don't Want You To Know, Plus Many Of His Proven Creative Investment Strategies
Mike Westbury explains real estate investment Mike Westbury: Reveals How He Bought An Abandoned, Boarded-Up Workers' Lodge And Turned It Into A Cash Generating Machine With 100% Occupancy - Overnight!
Gaelene Adams-Wood uncovers real estate investing Sam & Gaelene Adams-Wood: Uncover Opportunities For Cash Flow And Equity Growth
Matthew Faid reveals real Estate investing Strategies Matthew Faid: Reveals His Creative Approach To Increasing The Cash Flows From Properties That Other Investors Discard
Shane Storey explains Real Estate Investing Shane Storey: This Rare Breed Of Accountant Believes That Tax Is Your No 1 Expense That Needs To Be Managed Efficiently
Glenn Morris - real estate investment traps Glenn Morris: Warns You About Some Of The Little Known Traps That Some Investors Fall Into, Why They Lose Money And What You Can Do To Prevent This Happening To You
Hans Jakobi - Property Investing Secrets

Finally I kept Everyone On Track And Made Sure You Get All The Insider Property Investing Secrets That Most People Don't Know...

Property Investing Masters NZ Tour DVDs: A Brief Outline

DVD # 1:

How To Protect Your Hard Earned Money!

DVD # 2:

How To Transform Negative Cash Flow Properties Into Positive Cash Flow.

DVD # 3:

How To Uncover Hidden Opportunities That The Average Investor Wouldn't Know

DVD # 4:

How To Avoid Property Investing Traps That Can Cost You Thousands

DVD # 5:

How To Become A 'Nostradamus' Of Property Investment So You Can Predict Future Trends With Amazing Accuracy

DVD # 6:

Negotiating Strategies You Can Use To Buy Real Estate With 'No Money Down'

DVD # 7:

How To Dramatically Increase Your Property's Value And Even Its Rental Return

DVD # 8:

How To Protect Your Credit Rating And Get Your Loan APPROVED

DVD # 9:

Unusually Clever Property Investing CASH Generating Techniques You've Probably Never Even Thought Of,... Or Seen Before.

Click Here To Watch Video Footage From The Property Investing Masters New Zealand Tour

Here's what Michelle from Brisbane had to say after
participating in the Property Investing Masters Program:

“This program showed me advanced property
investing and financing strategies and helped
me build on what I had learnt in the
Super Secrets® to Real Estate Wealth course”

“It was like turbo charging my mind and spirit. It encouraged me to become bolder with my plans and ideas and to have the courage to follow through.

I have reviewed my current property portfolio and found that I can unlock more equity so I can make more investments.

This program showed me advanced property investing and financing strategies and helped me build on what I had learnt in the Super Secrets® to Real Estate Wealth course.

It was well worth the investment!”

Michelle Murchison, Brisbane, Queensland

Drop Shadow Image

And if that's not enough, as a Student of the
Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth Advanced program,

You'll Also Receive...

FREE BONUS # 14: (valued at $350)

The Complete (Downloadable) Audio Recordings Of The
Entire Property Investing Masters NZ Tour

Creative Property Investment DVDScientific studies dating back as far as the 19th century, have shown that you learn and retain information much better when you go over it again and again, until it is embedded in your consciousness.

To make it as easy and convenient as possible for you to do this, I'm including the entire tour as a downloadable audio bonus so you can listen to it while you're on the move (You can download it to your mp3 player or your computer).

There may be times when you can't sit down and watch the DVDs, or you simply want to review the Property Investing Masters Tour information while you are on a train, driving in your car, at the gym or just out and about.

Each audio session has been especially divided into approximately 10-minute parts so you can review them easily rather than having to listen to the entire audio to get to specific parts that you want to review.

* You can download this bonus to your computer.

FREE BONUS # 15: (valued at $347)

The Complete 208 Page Transcript Of The Entire
Property Investing Masters NZ Tour

Transcript Of Property Investing MastersI've had the entire 9 DVDs of the Property Investing Masters NZ Tour fully transcribed for you.

This way you can follow along as you listen (in case there are comments you didn't quite pick up), or you can use the transcript as your reference guide if you prefer to learn by reading.

You'll also find it super-simple to quickly find any information you need from the Property Investing Masters NZ Tour without having to go through all the DVDs.

* You will find this Bonus in module 2 of the program.

FREE BONUS # 16: (valued at $357)

The Complete (Downloadable) Audio Recording Of The Entire
Creative Property Investment Round Table Module

Creative Property Investment audio dvdsYou'll be able to 'listen' to this audio while you're on the go or just sitting at your desk. Really, any time you can't view the DVDs or when you just feel like listening to the audio version instead.

Each session of the event has been especially divided into approximately 10-minute parts so you can review certain segments easily. That way you won't have to listen to the entire audio to get to the specific information you want to review.

plus you'll receive...

FREE BONUS # 17: (valued at $370)

178 Page (Downloadable) Reference Manual
From The Property Investing Masters NZ Tour

Reference Manual
From The property investing mastersYou’ll discover:

  • How To Become Rich On An Average Income
  • Uncover The Hidden Truths About Property Investing
  • Where To Find Properties With The Best Returns
  • How To Manage Your Property For Maximum Profits
  • What The Banks Don’t Tell You About Mortgage Finance
  • How to structure Your Finances To Minimise Tax And Maximise Your Protection
  • Where To Get Finance When The Bank Says ‘No”
  • Your own Million Dollar Rolodex of every speaker who presented on this tour. Getting bad advice is one of the most expensive mistakes you’ll ever make. You’ll be introduced to professionals with runs on the board. And with the personal experience to guide you towards creating your own million dollar property portfolio.

* You can download this bonus to your computer as a PDF file

Investing In Property CD

FREE BONUS # 18: (valued at $30)

How A Hans Coaching Interview with One of His Students

An amazing phone coaching session from Hans Jakobi with a student wanting assistance with their property investing. A great insight into real world property investing issues and how a master deals with them.

secret to investing in property

FREE BONUS # 19: (valued at $30)

A Second Hans Coaching Interview with a Student

Another one of these great student coaching sesions with Hans. Get the behind the scenes secrets not revealed anywhere else. Not to be missed!

Real Estate StarReal Estate Small Star

FREE BONUS # 20: (valued at $800)
You Simply Don't Want To Miss This!

The Complete Property Financing Contracts And Documents For:

  • Property Investing Financial ContractsAchieving a valuation higher than the contract price
  • Contract of sale with settlement discount and valuation for this property
  • Buy and flip documents using private funds
  • Vendor finance and option agreement

If you were to instruct a solicitor to draw these documents up for you, they would probably cost you several thousand dollars in total. We have conservatively valued them at just $800.00

These documents were made available to attendees during the Creative Round Table Weekend and we received numerous comments about how grateful our attendees were to receive these. I'm sure you will find them absolutely invaluable!

* You can download this bonus to your computer as four PDF files

“I wanted YOU To Open My Eyes!”

Real Estate Investment Success Story Again

"One of the great attractions about the Property Investing Masters Program is that you show people how to recognize profit making opportunities that most simple miss.

I wanted you to open my eyes!!

The difference between your students who are already successful and myself is the education. Based on what I've already learnt from you I'm sure the Property Investing Masters Program will be of enormous value to me too.

I liked watching the short video clips of people who have achieved enormous property success and who have turned their situations in life around."

Kristine Northey, Perth, WA

real estate secrets review

“Improved my Relationship With My Wife & Children!”

"This program helped me refocus my attention on the goal of financial freedom by the time I am 40 (this is the goal I set myself two years ago) and on the non-financial goals in my life such as improving my relationship with my wife and children.


Bernard Dimattina, Melbourne, VIC

PLUS lot's more!

LOOK! As a Purchaser of the
Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth Advanced program
you'll also receive these EXTRA, incredible
FREE Gifts and Bonuses...

FREE BONUS # 21: (valued at $197)

Dinner With Hans: The complete 3 DVD and 3 Audio CD Package
of this EXPLOSIVE Event which cost attendees $447
for the privilege of being there!

Dinner with Hans Jakobi

This incredible one-off event brought together 150 property investing students who jumped aboard the MV Blue Room and cruised around beautiful Sydney Harbour...AND what an unforgettable night it was with first class entertainment, delicious cuisine complimented by quality wines PLUS: an absolute feast of Real Estate Investing Education, Networking and enjoyment!

The Best Part is...

I rolled the cameras (3 of them for more than 6 hours) and captured all the BIG highlights... then put them together and presented them in an attractive package for you to watch at your convenience... and yes it's FREE as part of the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth Advanced program.

This is just a small taste of what you'll discover...

  • How the right attitude is fundamental to any form of property investing!
  • The little known way to take action and bring about positive changes to your life through property investment!
  • 2 deadly accurate pieces of information YOU need to know to initiate a GOOD property deal!
  • 2 reasons why the wealthy have structures and trusts!
  • The very latest insights concerning property valuations!
  • Revealed: 10 of Australia's BIG property investing HOT SPOTS!
  • Jealously guarded ways to get money to invest in property even when you think you don't qualify!
  • The non-emotional approach to financial intelligence!
  • How the bank is only one of many sources of finance - YOU won't believe the power in this information!

PLUS so much more...

Here's what a few of the many who attended this BLOCKBUSTER occasion had to say...

An Amazing Night!

“Just thought I would write you a quick thank you letter for the amazing night I had when I attended the Dinner With Hans event on 4th May.

I'm a 24-year-old Melbournian, and have been a professional jockey and for the past 7 years, I've been faced with a constant battle with rising weight and this has made me look outside my own knowledge to real estate where I wish to generate a sustainable income through property.

It was the first function or seminar of yours that I have attended. I had previously bought the Round Table DVDs and the NZ Tour set of DVDs earlier in the year & found them to be a great source of information, inspiration, education and motivation.. I was blown away!”

Ryan Martin, Berwick, VIC

I truly admire your ethics, beliefs and passion!

real estate secrets review by Pix Jonasson

"I just wanted to say a HUGE thanks for the great "Dinner with Hans"; I expected to get a lot out of it - and I was not disappointed.

The immediate answers to questions and situations regarding property investment was fabulous.

I truly admire your ethics, beliefs & and passion and was inspired by what you said to the audience.

My hubbie (Mick) and I have bought/sold properties in the past. However, I will actually settle next week on my very first positive cash flow property (purchased for $75K and returning $150 per week rent). I negotiated it all on my own - the first of many now!!

Once again, it was fantastic!"

Pix Jonasson, NSW

FREE BONUS # 22: (valued at $97)

The Clauses Made Simple CD by Australian property lawyer Rob Balanda

property investment strategies by Ron Balanda

This CD is a great help to you in solving the problem of preparing clauses for real estate and business contracts. Produced by Rob Balanda who is a lawyer practicing primarily in business law, property law and local government law on the Gold Coast in Queensland. He has been described as "the most widely read and listened to solicitor in Australia".

FREE BONUS # 23: (valued at $69)

The DVD, You Can Be Rich And Happy Now!

real estate investing how to be rich

In this program you'll discover how rich people really think and speak... why some people are richer than others... the 10 keys to wealth... and the importance of doing what you love.

Included with this DVD is the book, 101 Health, Wealth and Wisdom Tips.

This is your quick reference guide to better health, money and lifestyle choices. Imagine a problem in your life, then open this little book. You will discover little gems of wisdom and clarity where the page opens!

A brilliant little book for solving many of your 'day-to-day' problems, quickly and easily and it's yours FREE!

FREE BONUS # 24: (valued at $49)

The Audio Program, 12 Secrets To Wealth... plus... The Mini-Book, Mastering Your Income

12 Secrets to Real Estate Investing

Here is where I reveal the simple secrets to making your dreams come true. After listening to this program you'll feel more confident and better equipped to become the financially free person you seek to be.

In the bonus mini-book, Mastering Your Income, you'll discover what counts most is NOT how much money you make... but HOW you manage it.

Not bad right, yours FREE when you purchase Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth Advanced... congratulations!

So now you'd better glue your eyes to this page and pay
very special attention because...this my friend could be

worth your entire investment alone

FREE BONUS # 25: (valued at $588)

12 Months Exclusive FREE Membership to the Success Made Easy Club

On this website you can access information loaded audios, videos, books, interviews and more from some of the world's most successful people. I'd like to help you achieve the success you deserve in all areas of your life, so you can enjoy the lifestyle you want sooner! PLUS: I'm constantly adding more resources and information so you can have the very latest wealth development and investing updates at the click of a button.

Now as you can imagine, everyone's situation is different and everyone has different goals, however the value of the new ideas and lessons you'll pick up just by listening to these coaching sessions cannot be reduced to mere dollar terms. Past students have said this information is simply priceless!

So that's the complete Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth Advanced program.

I'm sure you can see that it's a Massive Package of my best educational resources.

Real Estate Wealth Advanced course

So with this in mind, let's talk about your investment...

Surely a program of this magnitude would cost you tens of thousands of dollars. And yes, if you purchased all of these items separately the cost would be very significant. And just imagine having professional advisors at your beck and call every time you needed them. How much would that cost? (assuming that you could actually get a busy professional advisor to provide that kind of one-on-one service) a small fortune I would say.

But relax; I'm not going to ask you for tens of thousands of dollars. In fact, I want to make the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth Advanced program as affordable for you as I possibly can.

I'm sure you appreciate that even though, the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course is an excellent and comprehensive course, you'll receive even more valuable information with the Advanced program.

Just like the offer I made you for the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course, you can get hold of the Advanced program right now for a deposit of just $999 plus 4 easy monthly payments of $717 (for a total of $3,867).

Super Secrets To Real Estate Wealth payment plan
Real Estate Wealth Bonuses

This option allows you to manage your cash flow over 5 months and still get the whole box and dice!

Now once again, if you can take care of it in a single payment, I'd like to reward you with a further $370 Prompt Payment Discount.

real estate investment cheapest payment plan

This means you'll get the MASSIVE Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth Advanced program for just $3,497

order hans jakobis advanced program

Let's take a look at what you get with both the
Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course and the
Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth Advanced program.
In summary, here's what you get...

The Entire Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth courses Super Secrets Super Secrets Advanced
The complete Super Secrets ® To Real Estate Wealth course
The complete Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth Advanced program including the Property Investing Masters program
Loan Application on the Investor Preferred Loan from Menzies Finance
$350.00 - FREE  
$350.00 - FREE  
A downloadable Report: Guide to Wills & Estate Law valued at $250 PLUS a 10% discount off the cost of preparing your wills and estate planning requirements
$300.00 - FREE  
$300.00 - FREE  
A FREE downloadable Report called The 6 Legal Steps to Purchasing a Property valued at $150 PLUS a 10% discount off the cost of conveyancing and your property law requirements
$250.00 - FREE  
$250.00 - FREE  
A FREE Personal Property Review
$195.00 - FREE  
$195.00 - FREE  
Trust Magic - which explains the A - Z of Asset Protection
$99.00 - FREE  
$99.00 - FREE  
10% Off An Initial Trust Purchase
$96.80 - FREE  
$96.80 - FREE  
Barry Black's Landlording By Checklist Book
$55.00 - FREE  
$55.00 - FREE  
My 144 Page Book, Due Diligence Made Simple
$39.50 - FREE  
$39.50 - FREE  
My 203 Page Best Selling Book, How To Be Rich & Happy On Your Income
$24.95 - FREE  
$24.95 - FREE  
The book, The Complete Insider Secrets To Beating The Banks and Owning Your Home Years Sooner! Without Making Extra Payments!
$24.95 - FREE  
$24.95 - FREE  
Financial Freedom... Starting Now! An Action Guide
$29.95 - FREE  
$29.95 - FREE  
Downloadable Audio File, How To Quickly and Easily Overcome The Biggest Obstacles To Financial Success
$59.00 - FREE  
$59.00 - FREE  
The Book called Cash Cows by Hans Jakobi
$19.95 - FREE  
$19.95 - FREE  
The Complete (Downloadable) Audio Recordings Of The Entire Property Investing Masters NZ Tour
$350.00 - FREE  
The Complete 208 Page Transcript Of The Entire Property Investing Masters NZ Tour
$347.00 - FREE  
The Complete (Downloadable) Audio Recording Of The Entire Creative Property Investment Round Table Module
$357.00 - FREE  
178 Page (Downloadable) Reference Manual From The Property Investing Masters NZ Tour
$370.00 - FREE  
A Hans Coaching Interview with One of His Students
$30.00 - FREE  
A Second Hans Coaching Interview with a Student
$30.00 - FREE  
The Complete Property Financing Contracts And Documents Download
$800.00 - FREE  
Dinner With Hans: The complete 3 DVD and 3 Audio CD Package
$197.00 - FREE  
The Clauses Made Simple CD by Australian property lawyer Rob Balanda
$97.00 - FREE  
The DVD, You Can Be Rich And Happy Now!
$69.00 - FREE  
Audio Program, 12 Secrets To Wealth Plus: The Mini Book Mastering Your Income
$49.00 - FREE  
12 Months Exclusive Membership to the WinningWay Website
$588.00 - FREE  
Total Value Including Bonuses and Savings 
Total Value of Bonuses - Yours Free 
2008 Edition Discount 
5 Easy Instalment Payment Amount (Total) 
Single Payment Saving 
Your Single Payment Price 

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And It Gets Better Still...
Your Satisfaction is Completely Guaranteed!

My 2 Outrageous Rock Solid
No Risk Guarantees...

My IRON CLAD, Not One, But 2 Incredible, Better Than Risk-Free,
Money Back Guarantees... So You Simply Cannot Lose!

hans jakobi property wealth coach

Guarantee # 1: 10 Days Absolutely Risk-Free,
No Questions Asked, Completely Unconditional
Money Back Guarantee!

I'll give you 10 days to check out either the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course or the Advanced program. If FOR ANY REASON, or no reason at all, you feel it's not right for you, just call my office within 10 days of receipt of the course or the Advanced program and we'll arrange for a full 100% REFUND of your purchase price. The purchase price of the course and the Advanced program includes a $97 shipping & handling fee within Australia which is non-refundable.

Guarantee # 2: 5 Times Your Money In Future Profits & Savings Or Your Money Back Guarantee!

After your initial 10 day guarantee period, use my step-by-step system described in the many CD's, DVD's, books and manuals for up to 12 WHOLE MONTHS... submit offers to vendors using my powerful negotiating strategies... make use of the practical insights my team of experts share... use and apply my proven techniques for up to 1 FULL YEAR!

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Listen to Hans explain his
Money Back Guarantee

100% Money back

In other words, I really want you to put the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course or the Advanced program to the test so you can truly see for yourself just how much wealthier you can become!

Put Simply ... if you don't agree that the information you've received in either the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course or the Advanced program, is literally worth at least 5 times your investment, in future profits and savings... can return the entire course or Advanced program in a saleable (as new) condition at any time within 1 FULL YEAR for a 100% refund of your purchase price.


Our Guarantees Are Always Honoured

David reviews real estate investment course

“Hans, You Are A Man Of Your Word”

“Hi Hans,

Thank you for the opportunity to try out your program risk free. You are a man of your word. You processed my refund quickly and with no hassles. I would highly recommend you as an honest businessman. Thanks again, the industry needs more people like yourself.”

David Jenyns, Melbourne, Victoria

Here's Who Shouldn't Apply:

  • If you're not willing to learn and step into a brighter future by growing your wealth through sound and secure real estate investment knowledge, then I can't help you.
  • If you have a closed mind and you are already thinking “investing in real estate is superficial and just doesn't won't work for me” then please don't apply... you'll just be taking someone else's spot who genuinely wants my help.
  • If you're thinking this is about wraps, renovating properties, mezzanine financing or me selling you real estate... then you're definitely looking in the wrong place.
  • If you want everything for nothing and are not willing to invest in your education, then please don't apply. I work with people who respect my skills and advice and are willing to pay a fair price to achieve massive changes.

However, if you're a person who wants the best and who is willing to let my Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course or my Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth Advanced program show you how to achieve Financial Freedom, then I urge you to Act NOW!!

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Order Now and Receive Thousands
of Dollars Worth of Valuable Bonuses...

Order real estate investing Course

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Your Valuable Real Estate Investing Information

Choose Your Course or Program

The Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth Advanced program including all the Bonuses and Savings...
valued at $8,153.10

Total Value - real estate wealth advanced program

Super Secrets To Real Estate Wealth Advanced program

order securely real estate advanced program

- OR -

The Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course
including all the Bonuses and Savings...
valued at $3,672.10

Total Value - super secrets to real estate wealth course

Super Secrets to Real Estate Wealth Course

order securely - real estate wealth cours

Have you ever been made a more irresistible offer? You can never say that no one ever tried to help you. It's easy to get started...

If You Want To Get In On This Rare Opportunity,
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Do you realise what this means?

Let me spell it out for you: YOUR WORST CASE SCENARIO IS THIS - you can:

  • Purchase the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course for $2,497 normally valued at $6,539.10 with Bonuses and Savings - and you'll SAVE over $4,000 or
  • Purchase the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth Advanced program for just $3,497 which is normally valued at $12,020.10 with Bonuses and Savings - and enjoy a MASSIVE SAVING of $8,523.10.
  • Explore every single strategy, tip and technique guaranteed to help you master the skills of real estate investing par excellence.
  • Devour every single FREE bonus item.
  • Read yourself silly through all the materials I'm going to send you.

And after all this, if you still think that I'm full of hot air...

You Can Get Your Investment In Either Package Returned In Full!

You Simply CANNOT Lose Out! I Guarantee It! (TWICE!)

To get all the FREE Bonuses and Savings you must respond before Friday, 20th July. You can't afford to wait. You need to take immediate action by doing one of the following:

1. The fastest way to order is directly online - ORDER ONLINE WITH OUR SECURE SERVER by following this link Order Now

2. By calling my office during business hours on our toll free order line on 1 800 555 905 or 02 63 555 800 and your order will be dispatched today.

3. You can order right now simply by faxing the Order Form to my office on 02 63 555 855.
I accept fax orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your order will be processed and shipped the same day we receive your order. You can download the form here

4. Simply fill out the Order Form and post it to 5 Wolgan Street, Portland NSW 2847.

And as you now know, there's no need to wait. No need for trial and error. No need to guess whatsoever. Everything I believe you could possibly need to become a successful Real Estate Investor is crammed into these comprehensive courses. I urge you to order NOW. In just days you can begin to unleash your potential.

I look forward to hearing about your profitable successes!

hans jakobi Wealth Dynamics - Hans Jakobi

I wish you the best of real estate wealth,

Hans Jakobi - Australia's Wealth Coach

Hans Jakobi - Your Wealth Coach®

P.S. Remember, to get ALL the FREE Bonuses and Savings, you must order by Friday, 20th July. I'm sorry, but if you leave it until after that date, you just won't qualify.

P.P.S. WARNING - These days every second person seems to be an expert on property investing. Some seminar presenters and authors teaching you how to become a millionaire “by next Wednesday” have not been in the game long enough to know how to deal with different market conditions.

Some are in their twenties and have only ever experienced a boom market for a few short years of their investing career. They still have a lot to learn themselves, but . . . they're out there teaching you to invest! If you decide to follow their advice...Good luck!

It's probably worth considering whether you might end up learning some of those lessons with them, at your expense, when the markets change and they scramble to learn how to keep their investment portfolio afloat. I've got more than 28 years of “hands on” experience in both residential and commercial real estate.

Because of the range of properties I've owned in various states over the years, I know almost all of the pitfalls and benefits of owning certain types of properties. All have their good points and all can have challenges if you don't know how to manage them well. I've personally experienced booms and busts, high and low interest rates, high and low vacancy levels and I know how to deal with them and come out on top. This knowledge and experience is nothing short of priceless for you!

In fact, I've probably had a more diverse exposure to real estate both in Australia and overseas than many other property gurus around these days.

Do these young gurus who've only been in the game during boom times know what to do when the markets turn around? I don't think so.

P.P.P.S. These are the most comprehensive and detailed programs ever created on how to make an absolute fortune in positive cash flow real estate... designed for the Australian market, for everyday Australians... by an Australian who has achieved wealth and success doing precisely what he teaches you!

hans jakobi - remember to order

You have Everything To Gain with Either of these Comprehensive Real Estate Investing Packages
and Nothing to Lose with my TWO Incredible Money Back Guarantees.


The only way you'll gain from this offer, is if you decide to take up my 100% Risk Free Trial Invitation. That way you'll be able to properly judge the value of this course or the Advanced program. I know that if you decide to say YES, you'll be absolutely blown away by what you receive for your money.

You cannot lose out, and a year from now you'll know its been one of the best investments you've ever made. Hey, it's only about $10 a day and most people spend more than that on lunch, coffee and/or cigarettes! (and what have they got to show for their money?) This course and the Advanced program on the other hand, will still be available to you to refer to and for you to continue to learn and apply the information. I know this information will change your life, if you decide to give it a go.

Change My Life  |  Don't Order

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Do it now before you forget!

“This Is Definitely The Program You Should Get Your Hands On To!”

“If you are looking to increase your knowledge and get onto a very street smart, practical, proven way to increase your wealth, then this is definitely the program you should get your hands onto.”

Casey Gollan,
Melbourne, Victoria

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