Find Out How You Can
Gain A Competitive Advantage
By Using Joint Ventures
For Your Future Real Estate Deals

One of the biggest benefits of using joint ventures for some of your real estate deals is that you can share the risks and rewards of one or more projects with your joint venture partners. By using a joint venture arrangement, you may even be able to take on bigger projects, than you could on your own.

Have You Ever Wanted To Know...

  • How like minded people with different skills and resources can benefit from real estate and/or business joint venture projects?
  • How you can minimise your risks while still sharing in the rewards generated by forming joint ventures?
  • How joint ventures work, how to create them and what their advantages are?
  • How to create more real estate and/or business opportunities when you DON'T have the finances, skills or other resources to complete deals on your own?

“Joint Ventures Allow You To Complete
MORE And BIGGER Profit-Making Deals
While Minimising Your Risks

Imagine Knowing…

  • How to get into a real estate deal if you are asset or cash flow rich BUT don't have the time or expertise to do so

  • How to use your building, real estate or project management knowledge and experience to complete your OWN real estate deals, even if you are cash flow or asset POOR

  • How you can team up with someone else who has “the other half of the equation” and use your combined skills, capital, expertise and/or cash flow to make money from a real estate transaction

  • How to spread the risk of “having a go” in a real estate venture

  • The up sides and down sides to a joint venture arrangement

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  • Joint Ventures Made Simple will take you through the features of a simple joint venture deal for a small real estate development. One man has capital assets and a strong cash flow. The other man is cash flow and capital poor but has a lifetime of real estate trading and marketing experience.

    The two men combine their skills and resources through a joint venture and find they can now take on an abundance of profit-making opportunities, that they previously only dreamed about.

  • Joint Ventures Made Simple also reveals how you can take on larger-scale joint venture deals. There's even a sample joint venture agreement so you'll be able to see first-hand what kinds of things need to be included in an agreement, so you can avoid making a costly mistake.

Become a more skilled property investor and cash in on the real life experiences of a leading Australian solicitor who has prepared real estate and business joint venture agreements on a regular basis for almost three decades.

Why Should You Listen
To Rob Balanda?

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A property lawyer for almost 28 years, Rob Balanda is highly respected throughout the real estate industry and the legal profession.  He has been a trainer at the Real Estate Institute of Queensland and TAFE on subjects such as:

  • Commercial Law
  • Consumer Protection Law
  • Contracts for the Sale of Land
  • Property Law
  • Body Corporate Law

And presented at numerous industry conferences and seminars such as:

  • The Property Owners Association
  • The Reno Kings “Property to the Max” Seminars
  • Community Title Institute of Queensland Annual Conference
  • Australian Investor’s Association Annual Conference
  • Queensland Unit Owner’s Group
  • Bank of Queensland Manager’s Briefings
  • State Development Office Annual Seminars

He is a regular contributor to the leading Australian real estate investment magazine “Australian Property Investor”. 

Rob's real estate investor resources
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“Over the last four years we have done over 400 real estate transactions worth over $100 million for ourselves and our clients.

Rob’s real estate investor resources and in particular his audio CD's are a must for any serious investor and should be in every investor’s tool box.”

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Joint Ventures Can Help You To
Minimise The Risks And Share In The Profits
Of Business And Real Estate Deals
BUT Miss Some Of This VITAL Information
and You Could Get Burnt!

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  • Sharing the Risk

    Although the parties involved in a joint venture usually expect to make a profit, the reality is that sometimes there is a loss. Even though the property is purchased in the name of the first investor, the joint venture agreement will provide that the losses are to be shared equally between the parties in the same way that they would share any net profits.

    Most joint venture agreements will also include a clause stating that although the first investor owns the property, the second investor has the right to lodge a Caveat (a freeze on the Title to the property), in order to protect their interests in the deal.

  • Resolving Disputes

    A joint venture agreement should contain provisions so that any disputes that may arise can be resolved as easily as possible. A third party independent expert should be nominated, agreed upon and any decisions they may have to make accepted as final and binding on the joint venture partners.

    When a joint venture agreement is drafted, as much care as possible should be taken to allow any disputes to be resolved objectively. The following matters should be given particular consideration:

    1. Are there any matters that are of such basic importance to the joint venture that they require unanimous approval of all parties, or approval from more than a majority (eg. two-thirds)?
    2. Should one joint venture party have a casting vote?
    3. Should the agreement include a mechanism that allows one party to buy out the interests of the other(s)?
    4. In the case of a dispute, should it be compulsory for the parties to call on the services of qualified arbitrators, mediators or an organisation such as the Australian Commercial Disputes Centre?

So as you can see, there are quite a number of things to consider when putting a joint venture arrangement in place. Fortunately, Rob Balanda's audio CD Joint Ventures Made Simple explains the whole process for you in detail so that it's easy for you to understand.

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So, Why Would You Want To Use a
Joint Venture Arrangement Rather Than A
Different Kind Of Legal Entity?

Some of the advantages to using a joint venture arrangement rather than other entities, such as companies or partnerships include:

1.  Tax Advantages
A joint venture does not fit the definition of a company or a partnership under the Income Tax Assessment Act.

The main income tax advantage is that losses from an allowable expenditure in a joint venture project can be offset for taxation purposes against income from other projects and other income of the investors.

2.  Flexibility
The commercial arrangements between the investors can be very flexible. The partners can write their own joint venture agreement to deal with their particular requirements and the requirements of the project.

If for example, the investors used the vehicle of a jointly owned company instead, then they would be bound by the very complicated provisions of the Corporations Act 2001. They would not have the advantages or the flexibilities that they can write into their own joint venture agreement.

3.  Limitation of Liability and Sharing of Risk
In a partnership, each partner is jointly and individually liable for the whole of the expenses of the project.

Consequently, one individual partner could bind all of the other partners to arrangements with third parties, without the consent or knowledge of the others.

Contrast this to a joint venture where the participants can specifically restrict their liability in that each investor is NOT jointly liable for all of the debts of the venture and only liable to the extent agreed to in the joint venture agreement.

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