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  • Learn how you can stop much of the pain and stress and save money by being aware of common investment traps

Have You Ever Wanted To Know...

  • How to avoid making the types of mistakes beginners often make

  • If there is a less painful way to educate yourself about investment pitfalls (that won’t cost you thousands of dollars) rather than having to go through them yourself?
  • Where the traps are for people who are just getting started in the investment game
  • How you can access real life investor case studies, taken from a Solicitor’s casebook (so you can avoid making the same costly errors they did)

Education Is The Key

The best way to minimise the risks involved in any investment decision is to educate yourself, so you are well equipped with the right knowledge before you even spend a cent on your next deal.

You can become a more skilled property investor by learning from the real life experiences of a solicitor who has helped many investors overcome costly real estate investing mistakes for almost three decades.

Here’s your chance to tap into the thinking of a man widely regarded as one of the best property solicitors in Australia.

Why Should You Listen
To Rob Balanda?

Robert Balanda - Australian Property Lawyer

A property lawyer for almost 28 years, Rob Balanda is highly respected throughout the real estate industry and the legal profession.  He has been a trainer at the Real Estate Institute of Queensland and TAFE on subjects such as:

  • Commercial Law
  • Consumer Protection Law
  • Contracts for the Sale of Land
  • Property Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Body Corporate Law

And presented at numerous industry conferences and seminars such as:

  • The Property Owners Association
  • The Reno Kings “Property to the Max” Seminars
  • Community Title Institute of Queensland Annual Conference
  • Australian Investor’s Association Annual Conference
  • Queensland Unit Owner’s Group
  • Bank of Queensland Manager’s Briefings
  • State Development Office Annual Seminars

He is a regular contributor to the leading Australian real estate investment magazine “Australian Property Investor”. 

What Do Others Say About Rob Balanda?

Rob's real estate investor resources
and in particular his audio CD's
are a must for any serious investor

“Over the last four years we have done over 400 real estate transactions worth over $100 million for ourselves and our clients.

Rob’s real estate investor resources and in particular his audio CD's are a must for any serious investor and should be in every investor’s tool box.”

Jason Whitton of Source Property,
one of Australia's leading investment agencies and
presenter at Anthony Robbins Wealth Mastery Seminars


Here's A Snapshot Of Some Of The
 Real Life Investor Pitfall Case Studies
Rob Shares With You On The Audio CD:
‘Avoiding Real Estate Pitfalls Made Simple’

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  • Time is of the essence – a “sudden death” concept

A long established client of Rob’s signed a contract to purchase a vacant block of land subject to finance approval. The contract went on to provide that the deposit was payable "on approval of finance". The contract was a standard contract utilised in Queensland which provides in all cases that time is of the essence.

Finance was ultimately approved and advice in writing given to the seller's solicitor late one afternoon.  The deposit was then paid by the buyer the next day. The seller seized on the failure of the buyer to pay the deposit on the same day that finance was approved and terminated the Contract of Sale.

Rob advised the buyer that failure to pay the deposit "on approval of finance" that is, on the same day that finance was approved, was fatal and in future she should allow herself some leeway in the time she has to pay the deposit and provide it is payable "within 3 working days of finance approval".
  • Beware of side deals

A client was approached with a contract to sell their property at an inflated price and was requested at the same time to sign a "letter on the side" which stated that when the matter settled, the price would be reduced by $30,000.00.

What was clearly intended was for the buyer's lender to be shown the contract without the side letter in the hope that the lender would lend a greater percentage of the purchase price. This is clearly a fraud on the lender and would very likely constitute a criminal offence. Beware of side deals!

  • Real estate promoters

Real estate promoters often focus on specific areas as the latest ‘hot spots’. The prices in a number of these areas have continued to rise despite real estate prices falling overall. Seminar attendees have flocked to some very small towns in search of good deals and are in danger of losing money because of a lack of sustained demand.

Look carefully at small towns before you buy in them because once all the available houses and units have been sold to investors, there will only be a small number of properties coming onto the market for sale from time to time.

What will drive the prices up after that? Unless the area has had a history of capital growth because of factors such as increasing infrastructure, employment and development what will drive up the prices in the future?

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This article discusses both the pros and cons of property trading as a real estate investment strategy. He also includes other industry perspectives, including real estate agents and accountants.


Bonus Gift # 2

A second downloadable article by Rob Balanda called: Fixtures

In this article, Rob explains in legal terms the distinction between fixtures and chattels and how if there is any confusion on what constitutes a fixture or chattel, you should make sure you make allowances in the Contract for Sale.

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Rob’s hourly charge out rate as a solicitor is $300 PER HOUR and if he were to sit down and prepare this information specifically for you, it would probably run into several hours of work PLUS support staff time to type everything up.

My guess is that it would probably cost you more than $1,000! (I know that every time I ask a solicitor or accountant for advice, my bill is at least $1,000!)

Even though Rob and his staff have put many hours into the research and production of this CD and accompanying booklet, you won’t need to invest that sort of money to receive this valuable information.

When you order today, your investment to get hold of the valuable information in Avoiding Real Estate Pitfalls Made Simple is just $167 (or $182 for orders outside Australia). Plus, I’ll even have your copy of Avoiding Real Estate Pitfalls Made Simple delivered to your door. That’s a HUGE saving for you. Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of being able to review this information over and over again, as often as you like.

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“The Most Read And Listened To Solicitor In Australia.”

His Avoiding Real Estate Pitfalls Made Simple Audio CD is an essential resource if you want to become a more profitable and effective real estate investor.

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Hans Jakobi - Australian Real Estate and Wealth Educator
Hans Jakobi – Your Wealth Coach®


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