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Discover How To NEGOTIATE
Real Estate Deals Like A Professional

Negotiating can be a fun and highly profitable game if you can play it well.

How often do you negotiate for a better deal (not just price)?

How do you feel about negotiating?

Do you realise that most wealthy people are also good negotiators?

Have You Ever Wanted To Know...

  • How to take the fear out of negotiating?  Most people are absolutely terrified about negotiating to buy anything, and then arguing over the price.  That’s why they say to their spouse “You do it, Honey”.  Or worse still, they just pay the full price!
  • How to negotiate to buy property without paying the full price?
  • How to play the “game” of negotiating? The rules of the game are just as important as the rules of the Dating Game.  As one of America’s real estate gurus Robert Kiyosaki says “If you don’t know how to negotiate (sell) you will never get rich, and you will never get laid”.
  • How to avoid paying tens of thousands of dollars over the top for a property?  Think back to when you last bought something when the Seller accepted your first offer.  The initial elated feeling you had at closing the sale so quickly, suddenly dropped off to a feeling that lingered for some time after that – “It all happened too quick and I paid too much”.  The guilt will still linger today if this happened to you with a real estate purchase and you paid tens of thousands of dollars over the top.
  • How to avoid that sinking feeling that you could have done better with your negotiations?

Without The Important Skill Of Negotiating,
You Could End Up As "Shark Bait"!

Here’s how you can tap into the thinking of a man widely regarded as one of the leading real estate solicitors in Australia.  Learn how you can negotiate like a professional for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day.

Become a more skilled property investor and cash in on the real life experiences of a property solicitor who has negotiated and assisted clients in negotiating real estate and business transactions on a daily basis for more than 27 years.

Why Should You Listen
To Rob Balanda?

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A property lawyer for almost 28 years, Rob Balanda is highly respected throughout the real estate industry and the legal profession.  He has been a trainer at the Real Estate Institute of Queensland and TAFE on subjects such as:

  • Commercial Law
  • Consumer Protection Law
  • Contracts for the Sale of Land
  • Property Law
  • Body Corporate Law

And presented at numerous industry conferences and seminars such as:

  • The Property Owners Association
  • The Reno Kings “Property to the Max” Seminars
  • Community Title Institute of Queensland Annual Conference
  • Australian Investor’s Association Annual Conference
  • Queensland Unit Owner’s Group
  • Bank of Queensland Manager’s Briefings
  • State Development Office Annual Seminars

He is a regular contributor to the leading Australian real estate investment magazine “Australian Property Investor”. 

What Do Others Say
About Rob Balanda?

Bruce Humphreys, Managing Partner of Hopgood & Ganim solicitors Brisbane says:
“Rob has raised the bar in terms of what is meant by effectively putting something back into your profession.”

Jason Whitton of Source Property, one of Australia’s leading investment agencies and presenter at Anthony Robbins Wealth Mastery Seminars says:
“Over the last four years we have done over 400 real estate transactions worth over $100 million for ourselves and our clients.  Rob’s real estate investor resources and in particular his audio CD on Negotiating are a must for any serious investor and should be in every investor’s tool box.”

Here's A Small Sample Of The
Power Negotiating Techniques And Strategies
Rob Shares With You On The Audio CD:
Negotiating Real Estate Deals Made Simple

Negotiating Real Estate Deals Made Simple by Robert Balanda

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 How To Persuade Any Real Estate Agent To Present Your Offer To The Seller

Investors regularly underestimate the power of the real estate agent.  The agent is the only person that deals with both the Buyer and the Seller.  Never take for granted the influence they have in the transaction.  In most cases the most powerful person in the transaction will not be the Seller or the Buyer, but the real estate agent.

As a Buyer therefore, NEVER attempt to “back door” the real estate agent by approaching the Seller directly as this will only get them strongly off side and encourage them to promote an offer made by another party rather than your offer.

From a practical point of view it is also necessary to find out whether the agent you are dealing with is the listing agent or the selling agent for the property.  The listing agent is the person that obtained the listing of the property for sale from the Seller and is the party who has the relationship with the Seller. 

Ideally it is best to be dealing with the listing agent as it is more likely that your offer will be presented when made to the Seller and not delayed or buried because of political or economic forces that operate within a real estate agency.  The Seller also listens to the listing agent.

Be aware too that an agent receives a lesser commission when they list but do not sell (or no commission at all).  Once you appreciate this point you understand why your offer may not find the light of day and the only response you may receive to this is that your offer was refused.

 Secrets To Dealing With The Seller Directly And Sub-Consciously Getting Him Or Her On Your Side

In a perfect world, it would be best for Buyers and Sellers to deal directly with each other.  With the huge flow of people in and out of the real estate industry throughout Australia, more often than not, you will be dealing with an agent who is inexperienced and has little or no negotiating skills. 

When they present your offer to the Seller, if the Seller accepts it then you have a sale.  If it is refused, all the agent will often do is simply put pressure on you or the Seller to either reduce or increase your price as the case may be.  There are no negotiating skills at play here.

One of Rob’s oldest clients always tries to negotiate directly with the Seller.  If there is an agent involved, he assures them that their commission will be paid, however he simply wishes to deal with the Seller himself as no one has a greater incentive than he has in the transaction.   

Agents won’t like it, but once you have competent negotiating skills and confidence in your own ability, then this is certainly an option worth exploring.

 Learn The Powerful Skill Of Knowing When To Walk Away From The Game

The power will be with you if you are willing to walk away from the transaction.  For example, a client of Rob’s was looking to buy a property that was on the market for $2.5 million.  It went to auction and was passed in without reaching the reserve.  My client then made an offer to buy the property for $1.2 million and was advised by the agent that if they would go to $1.25 million they could buy it. 

They increased their offer to that figure and the Seller responded by saying they would sell it for that price provided that a lot of items that were offered for inclusion in the sale (home theatre) were retained by the Seller.  Rob’s client simply walked away. 

The Seller then advised that they would now sell it for that figure including those items.  Rob's client’s response was that if they wanted to sell for that price, not only would the house include all of the items offered with the house, but would also include the benefit of a golf club membership (worth $20,000.00).  The Seller agreed.  Such was the power of being prepared to walk away.

 Tips On How To Explain Your Offer For The Best Result

Provide an explanation for your offer.  For your first offer, this may only be to refer it to the lowest recent sale of a property in the area discounted because of various defects in the property perceived by you.  Attempt to validate any counter offers too in the same way and this will give your negotiating more credibility and more force.

The reason that it is important to have some rationale that supports your offer is because this affects the Seller’s expectations about what you are prepared to pay and usually will soften their response when they make a counter offer.

 How To Confidently Make Sure You Are Dealing With The Decision Maker And Get Them To Like You

A clever negotiating tactic utilised by Sellers, and Buyers too, is that when a deal is close to being made, advise the other party that you can’t agree to it because you need to get your partner or solicitor’s approval. 

Often the claim is phoney and is used to extract further concessions from you which you would not have made as you thought you had concluded a deal with the person with authority to make the decision.

 Find Out How You Can Avoid Negotiating Just Over Price When There Are Other Parts Of The Deal That Could Be More Lucrative For You

Agents operate on the principle that “yes is less”.  That means the less conditions and the less matters that are dealt with in your offer, the greater the chance they have of getting a yes from the Seller, and an acceptance of your offer.  But don’t you work on the same principle.  From your perspective, a simple offer to buy a property on a 10% deposit, settlement in 45 days cash unconditional will work against you as the only thing you can negotiate over is the price. 

Experienced negotiators therefore will in this simple example usually make their offer subject to finance, pest and building inspections with say, a 120 day settlement and much smaller deposit with as many inclusions as possible in the sale.  This will allow them the opportunity to negotiate away some of these matters, ultimately arriving at a settlement with a 10% deposit, 45 day settlement, but at a reduced price.

 Learn The Art Of Presenting Your First Offer And Getting The Seller's Attention

It is here that the importance of good preparation shows its real value.

Making too “low ball” an offer can often offend and insult a Seller.  This could prompt them to refuse to deal with you after that.  The amount of your first offer is a balance therefore between the desire to secure the property at the best price possible, and presenting an offer that is credible, but without being insulting and offensive, to the Seller.  It is important that you have some rational basis for the offer to support this approach.

 Learn The Priceless Skill Of Knowing How To Present Your Offer Without Bagging The Property Or Attacking The Seller Personally

Never get personal with the negotiations eg. describe the property as a “dog box”, a “demolition job” or a “haven for drug dealers and prostitutes”.  None of these comments are likely to achieve a reduction in the price.  You are better served if you advise the Seller that the property clearly has potential, but because it is obviously in need of work to bring it up to its best condition (which will cost say $40,000.00) and your offer is adjusted accordingly.

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When you order Rob Balanda’s Audio CD, Negotiating Real Estate Deals Made Simple, you’ll also receive these two bonus reports as they appeared in the Australian Property Investor magazine as downloadable PDF files.

Bonus Report No. 1

The first bonus report is called: Being Creative And Street Smart In Drafting Clauses For Contracts Of Sale” educates you on how to use clauses in real estate transactions to power you up as a property investor and make you more property smart and street savvy. 

Bonus Report No. 2

The second bonus report called: “Buying Property With A “Safety Net” shows you how to use escape clauses.  That is, how to buy property with a safety net and pull out simply because you changed your mind.

Also Included...

Negotiating Real Estate Investing Deals

Also included is a booklet with a summary of the entire audio CD plus other real life examples and tips for negotiations.

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My guess is that it would probably cost you more than $1,000! (I know that every time I ask a solicitor or accountant for advice, my bill is at least $1,000!)

Even though Rob and his staff have put many hours into the research and production of this CD and accompanying booklet, you won’t need to invest that sort of money to receive this valuable information.

Your investment is just $167 to have Negotiating Real Estate Deals Made Simple delivered to your door anywhere in Australia and $182 for orders outside Australia. That’s a massive saving for you and you’ll be able to refer to this information as often as you like without paying another cent!

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Negotiating Real Estate Investment Deals

Rob Balanda Has Been Described As:
“The Most Read And Listened To Solicitor In Australia.”

His Negotiating Real Estate Deals Made Simple Audio CD and Booklet is an essential resource to help you become a more profitable and effective real estate investor and negotiator.

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Hans Jakobi - Australian Real Estate and Wealth Educator
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