Video Clips From The Property Investing Masters
New Zealand Tour which is
included in the Advanced Package

Property Investing Master # 1: Bill Guthrie
Reveals How He Massively Increases
The Cash Flows From His Investment Properties

Actual Footage From The DVD's

Bill’s story is fascinating. At the age of 37, he set a goal while listening to a motivational audio tape to achieve a million dollars in net worth by the time he was 40 years old. He started by purchasing his first investment property in August 1995.

Following this, he went back into the market with a budget of just $400,000 and ended up buying a property with an asking price of $900,000 … for just $620,000. After 9 years, it’s now valued at $3.3 million. These days, he owns a significant ‘chunk’ of the street he purchased it in.

Bill will share with you the tips and strategies he’s uncovered about investing in high yielding properties, ‘wraps’, and heritage homes… together with his 3 basic rules for property investment.

Property Investing Master # 2: Kieran Trass
Shows You When To Invest For The Best Returns,
And How To Make Millions With The “Granny Flat Strategy”

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Keiran is the author of, Grow Rich With The Property Cycle. He’s been involved with property for two decades - as an investor, financier and advisor.

He’ll be sharing some of his strategies with you including why interest rates have nothing to do with the property cycle, how to react to the movements in the market, and lots more.

Kieran does more research on property markets around the world than virtually anybody else I know.

Property Investing Master # 3: Ross Holmes
Explains What You Can Do To Protect Your Assets
From Litigation, Taxation And Other Threats

Actual Footage From The DVD's

Ross specialises in asset protection planning and trusts. He is an associate member of the prestigious international Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners and the author of several best selling books on trusts.

His experience in the asset protection planning field includes a period as senior manager in the taxation division of a leading accountancy firm, and a period as Managing Director of an ANZ Banking Group international trustee company subsidiary.

Property Investing Master # 4: Nik Cree
He’s The Man With The Money!
Nik Not Only Reveals What The Banks Don’t Want You To Know, But He Also Explains His Many Creative Investment Strategies

Actual Footage From The DVD's

Nik’s results speak for themselves. He’s invested in over 27 properties valued at over $5.8 million over the last 15 years – and 80% of them are positive cash-flow.

He’s the director of his own mortgage broking company, the Gandalf Group, and therefore understands everything you need to know to successfully get your loans approved.

What’s more, he’s also made a mistake or two in his time… and seen others make thousands more. So he’ll show you how to avoid the nasty little ‘traps’ unscrupulous operators would love you to fall into.

Property Investing Master # 5: Mike Westbury
Reveals How He Bought An Abandoned, Boarded-Up
Workers’ Lodge And Turned It Into A Cash Generating Machine
With 100% Occupancy - Overnight!

Actual Footage From The DVD's

You’ll be absolutely spellbound when you hear how Mike bought an abandoned, boarded-up workers’ lodge (consisting of 5 buildings, complete with crockery, cutlery and linen – the beds were even made up!).

He got it for a song and even before he opened the doors, people were begging him to stay there. He’s now bought the café down the road from someone who couldn’t make it pay and turned it into another cash cow!

Property Investing Masters # 6: Sam & Gaelene Adams Wood
Uncover Opportunities For

Positive Cash Flow And Equity Growth

Actual Footage From The DVD's

When this millionaire property investing power couple were starting out, they had to catch a bus to a property investing seminar because they didn't have the money to do the repairs on their car for the 4½ hour trip.

However, a lack of cash didn't stop them from purchasing their first investment property - they did it with no money down!

In less than 3½ years, more than $2.5 million worth of property has passed through or is held in their property portfolio. An impressive 100% of their properties have been purchased below registered valuation and the majority of their buy and hold properties have a positive cash flow.

They specialise in residential investment properties where they can add value to increase their equity and boost cash flow.

Property Investing Master # 7: Matthew Faid
Reveals His Creative Approach To Increasing
The Cash Flows From Properties
Which Other Investors Discard

Actual Footage From The DVD's

During the past 15 years, Matthew and his wife Catheryn have owned between 50 and 60 properties. They currently have interests in 35 properties in Christchurch, Dunedin, Timaru and Palmerston North – New Zealand.

Matthew has been the local Chairman for the NZ Property Investors Association, Residential Property Managers Division of REINZ and a National Executive Member of the Residential Property Managers Division.

Property Investing Master # 8: Shane Storey
This Rare Breed Of Accountant Believes That Tax
Is Your No 1 Expense That Needs To Be Managed Efficiently

Actual Footage From The DVD's

Shane is a rare breed of accountant, who is able to “think outside the square” with innovative and creative solutions to business and investment problems.

By the time he was 25, he had 12, 7-bedroom student rentals returning 20% gross. His accounting practice specialises in business development, business structures, taxation and property investment.

He is a professional who puts his money where his mouth is, with a portfolio of student rentals, ‘wraps’, capital gain properties and horse breeding interests

Property Investing Master # 9: Glenn Morris
Warns You About Some Of The Little Known Traps
That Investors Fall Into Where They Lose Money
And What You Can Do To Prevent That Happening To You

Actual Footage From The DVD's

Glenn has an absolute treasure trove of property investing and managing experience in both residential and commercial property and he shares some absolute gems of experience on these DVD’s.

He joined us on site and gave us his independent view of the potential market rental return for each property as the real estate agents showed us through a wide range of properties.

Property Investing Master # 10: Hans Jakobi – Your Wealth Coach ®
I keep Everyone On Track And Make Sure
You Get All The Insider Property Investing Secrets
That Most People Don’t Know

Actual Footage From The DVD's

Yes that’s me. You’ll see me guiding the conversations to make sure everything is thoroughly covered. With my 28 years of proven results as a property investor, and widely recognized as the country’s most trusted real estate investment educator… you’ll feel safe knowing you won’t be listening to anybody… unless they’ve been carefully screened by me.

Plus, you’ll be seeing me helping participants on this tour negotiate deals, teaching them the questions to ask and what cards to play and when… to get the terms they want.

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