Raving Success Stories From Students Of The
Super Secrets To Real Estate Wealth Course

We receive lots of wonderful testimonials from people who are successfully implementing the strategies taught in the Super Secrets To Real Estate Wealth course. 

Even though you may find it interesting to read about how other people have succeeded with these strategies, I hope that by reading this feedback you will discover some important lessons and that you will gather the motivation to take action yourself, through this powerful course.


"I found the biggest challenge is locating positive cash flow
properties and actually making offers"

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"Your course is extremely informative, understandable, practical and invaluable.

I bought your Super Secrets To Real Estate Wealth course in October 2004 and within two months I had purchased 3 positive cash flow properties.

I found the biggest challenge is locating positive cash flow properties and actually making offers. At first I didn't believe the formula. I thought it might have worked 10 years ago but that it could be out of date in today's market.

I started searching via the internet and found properties which were close to your formula Hans, but they didn't quite match. I remember you saying 'make lots of offers and you will be surprised'

I did what you said and made a lot of offers based on my internet searches. Of course, all my offers included a clause "subject to my inspection.

Most of the offers were rejected and I received some counter offers which were much lower than the asking prices even though they still didn't match your formula.

You taught me that making a lot of offers was important (even though I found it hard).

By making the offers I found that several vendors wanted to negotiate with me.

Once I had started my negotiations with a number of vendors, I decided to physically inspect the properties. I flew to Queensland and what happened next really surprised me.

I bought three properties which are fully tenanted. One is a block of three flats yielding 11.4%, the other two properties are houses showing a rental return of 9.9% and 9.3% respectively. The three properties average a 10.2% return which completely matches your formula.

I found that by physically inspecting the properties I demonstrated that I was a serious investor and this motivated the vendors to negotiate with me further.

Thank you for steering me in right direction to improve my investment decisions. If I had studied your course a few years earlier, I would be able to work less now. Your course gives me the power to achieve financial freedom. Thanks again Hans."

Bin Cao, Sydney, NSW


"I was worried about purchasing this course, as $3,500.00
is a lot of money for us but I cannot begin to say
how much we have learnt from Hans"

"We only purchased the Super Secrets To Real Estate Wealth course a few months ago and since then we have been busily watching and listening to the DVD’s & reading all the books every spare minute we get. I must say I was worried about purchasing this, as $3,500.00 is a lot of money for us, but cannot begin to say how much we have learnt from this course.

Hans has really motivated us. The DVD’s have given us inspiration that maybe we really can do this. Hans is an excellent teacher and is always smiling. A  great gift. I am also really impressed how Hans keeps in contact with us via email & the surprise gifts we received in the mail e.g.  the latest CD.”

Karen Beavis, Country NSW


"This course is fantastic! It shows simple to follow, step-by-step strategies with very low risk. I highly recommend this course"

"Hans, your course taught me that cash flow is king. Look after the cash flow and the rest will follow. You have helped me identify the types of properties I need to be investing in and taught me a great deal on tax minimisation and asset protection.

You have a knack for teaching in a simple to understand fashion. Your course is fantastic."

Scott Caporale, Sydney, NSW

"Thanks for being my stepping stone into the future, Hans.
Your teaching style is great, it's just like you're one of us"

"Hans I just love your course for the 'easy-to-learn basics of investing'. With your guidance I have been able to feel comfortable in my approach to people and putting my money in the right places. I am 27 years old and your course has provided me with all the useful tools to invest in a postive cash flow market, which I'm learning is the ONLY way to go.

It took 20 minutes to find your course and 20 minutes of sweating, thinking how much I was going to spend on your course. I have never looked back. Your guidance has led me to meet some wonderful people and opportunities that I could never have found without your guidance.

Since listening to your course (over and over) I now understand what the pro's are talking about and sometimes I'm the one telling them a thing or two.

I have recommended your course to all my family and friends. My older brother rings me all the time asking for advice (a real first!).

Thanks Hans for a great, easy to learn property investing course."

Zana Chinnery, Ballina, NSW


"I love positive cash flow. After doing your course,
I believe I can avoid much of the work I am currently doing
and spend this time negotiating for more properties"

"After doing your course I now realise that I was an amateur with limited information about real estate investing. Although I now have five properties in all, I have learnt how the professionals do it.

I have been a renovator so far, and your course has shown me how to spend my time finding properties and negotiating deals with less effort.

I especially love the interviews with many professionals you feature in your course."

Anton Klemens, Gin Gin, Qld


"This course has got everything and the best part is,
you can keep reviewing the information forever"

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"Even though my wife and I already own four properties, your course has been an absolute eye-opener for us. I just wish we had known about it seven years ago. Hans your course has everything anyone would ever need to know in order to invest successfully.

I also found your telephone coaching session very helpful and it added to the knowledge I received through the course."

Jim Carroll, Sydney, NSW


"Very easy to understand and thorough in all his information"

"Hans I found your course very helpful in teaching me how to ask key questions and do the research. I particularly like the fact that I can go back to the information whenever I need to.

Your course has given me an action guide to create wealth."

John Maya, Sydney, NSW


>"Your course has given me the confidence to get out there and begin taking action on our goals rather than just thinking about it"

"The Super Secrets To Real Estate Wealth course is excellent!

Easily the best course on property investing that I have come across.

The depth and detail of information that Hans provides is very powerful and has given my family and I the confidence to get out there and begin taking action on our goals rather than just thinking about it. Thank you very much."

Isaac Ranson, Blackwater, Qld


"I have a new passion to learn more and more on a daily basis"

"Hi Hans, I’m a mum of 2 children - 6 yrs and 2 yrs and have been married for 9 years.

Your course is fantastic.

I thought long and hard about spending this much money but boy am I glad I did. I have a new passion to learn more and more on a daily basis.

I wondered where I would find the time, but now I wonder what I did with my time!

I love your course. I love how much I have learnt through your Due Diligence rules –I use them on a daily basis. We have a major personal (non profit producing!) asset to fund this new journey and I can’t wait to put all that I know into practice and buy that first house!"

Georgie Ritchie, Ocean Grove, Victoria

"This would have to be the most advanced course I have come across!"

"Hi Hans, I recently purchased your Real Estate Secrets course. I was very sceptical at first as I guess a lot of people would be, but the truth is, this would have to be the most advanced course I have come across. You have made it so easy to understand and the amount of detailed information is unbelievable.

I have been to a number of seminars in the past and none of those have even come close to providing this sort of understandable information.”


Elvis Galevski, Wollongong, NSW

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