Raving Success Stories From Students Of The
Super Secrets To Real Estate Wealth Course

We receive lots of wonderful testimonials from people who are successfully implementing the strategies taught in the Super Secrets To Real Estate Wealth course. 

Even though you may find it interesting to read about how other people have succeeded with these strategies, I hope that by reading this feedback you will discover some important lessons and that you will gather the motivation to take action yourself, through this powerful course.


"In six years of studying I have never found a course
such as yours - so easy and comprehensive!"

"Hans, I have studied for years to learn about the positive strategies of wealthy people.

Even though I am only half-way through your course at the moment, I have already realised some of my intense property investment mistakes.

If only I had found your course earlier, it would have made my life in the property market far easier. In six years of studying, I have never found a course such as yours - so easy and comprehensive! "

Amos Roccisano, Townsville, Qld


"I like this course because I can access it at any time
and replay the whole course again and again"

"Your course has taught me the importance of buying a property so as to maintain cashflow that will completely service the outgoings and interest payments. However, having said this, if the property is a good property but is just outside this criteria by a small amount but would be within the criteria in a couple of years, then this should not hold back a purchase.

I like this course because it is always there. I can access it at any time and replay it at any time. Having gone to a number of 'one-day' events, I think that you can be overwhelmed by the information and once it is gone, it is gone.

After a few weeks you are just left with impressions and some information. This is one of the reasons why having the ability to replay the whole course again and again is so good.

This course has helped me by giving me the incentive to develop my own spreadsheets which allow me to analyse any property by putting in the associated variables (rent, interest rate, rates) and this will give me the best estimate of cashflow from the property.

It also allows estimates for depreciation to give a total after tax-effect. This has allowed me to tabulate a sheet with the purchase price to minimum rent to break even. I have taken this into the field. This comes out very close to the RTP formula.

The areas of this course that I liked best were the setting out of the type of property to buy and also the type of property NOT to buy.  I liked the explanation that it is the ability to hold on while the capital value of property compounds over a number of years that is critical and keeps the banks happy.

I understand that I will be looking for properties that have a stable income, are value for money (meet the RTP) and are in areas which will receive a capital increase in value.

I know that I can also add value through renovations, cosmetic changes, sub-division, strata titling, and thinking outside the square.

I like the laid-back type of teaching style that I found on the Super Secrets To Real Estate Wealth DVD’s. I thought that Hans and all the people interviewed came across as friendly and knowledgeable in their fields. I thought that Hans was definitely someone you would listen to on this subject.

I would recommend this course to others because it is comprehensive and the ability to rewind and review has greater value than a one day seminar. While a one day seminar is good for immediate motivation, it can be overwhelming and there is no rewind facility once it is over.

I am off to Mackay and Rockhampton within the next fortnight to apply some of the principles that I have learnt from your course on property investing."

Ross Stopford, Woden ACT


"Your course has already paid for itself because we saved over $60,000 by not extending ourselves by more than we needed to!!"

"Thank you for the opportunity of speaking with you personally through your telephone coaching session. It was brilliant and you clarified all of the areas we were experiencing challenges in.

We were very excited at being able to have a conversation with someone who is helping to change our lives for the better.

Thanks also for the email we received this morning which gave us strategies for dealing with real estate agents who do not show us the types of properties we are looking for. This was an issue I was worried about as we have had limited experience dealing with agents.

I often wondered how we can politely get them to understand what we are after,when they are the experienced players and we are the novices (but not for much longer). You have now given us the ammunition to use to keep them on OUR track.

Prior to purchasing your home-study course we had been looking for a house up to the $220,000 mark. Once we were about halfway through reading, listening and watching your programme, we started inspecting units and townhouses around $150,000. We bought a 3 bedroom townhouse for $155,000.

Your course has already paid for itself because we saved over $60,000 by not extending ourselves by more than we needed to.

The process of finding, contacting and liasing with a mortgage broker, solicitor, bank personnel, agents etc. was both daunting and time-consuming and I often felt like a minnow in with the sharks. If it had not been for the information contained in your course, which I referred back to time and time again, I'm sure we would have been really floundering.

The 'first time' is always the hardest and I'm glad we had the knowledge from your course behind us to give us confidence and the necessary knowledge to succeed."

Terry & Kerry Tacken, Wagin,WA


"During the past few years I have attended quite a few
property seminars and I think your course comes out on top
because you make it so simple to understand and apply"

"Hans I really want to thank you for a fantastic home study course. This Super Secrets to Real Estate Wealth course is very comprehensive and covers the very broad topic of real estate investing.

When it comes to property investing, most people only think of buying for capital growth and that is all they concentrate on.

To become a successful investor we need to look at all aspects of property investing which include how to analyse a good deal, your RTP formula, asset protection, finance, taxation, property management and cash flow etc and your course covers it all in great depth.

During the past few years I have attended a lot of property seminars but I still think your course comes out on top because you make it so simple to understand and so simple to apply.

I found it is very practical in real life. Other seminars that teach a lot of fancy strategies, can be difficult to put into practice (of course everything is possible in life if you put in the effort).

I found your 'pebble in the pond' theory to be extremely powerful once I understood it and when combined with your RTP formula.

We have applied this knowledge and purchased a property under a trust structure (with asset protection in mind) in North Queensland based on your RTP formula.

This 2 bedroom house was on the market for $95,000 in a very good location (one street behind the main street) which I believed would rent quite well. After using your negotiating stratgies, we purchased the property for $88,000 and it is rented for $180 per week.

Your course has given me the confidence to do this, and the understanding that property should be invested in for the long term and should make money along the way regardless of the property cycle.

When I purchased your home study course it was on video tapes. I loved it so much that I had to purchase another set on DVD. I believe that the principles you teach on this home study course will never change and are timeless.

Your course is a great investment which I can refer back to as often as I want and even pass on to my children in the future.

Thank you once again for the materials you have put together for a great home study course."

Geoffrey Takounlao, Sydney, NSW


"I was very impressed how quickly your course arrived
and I was like a boy in a toy store as I unpacked everything.
I was simply amazed at how much information you had sent me"

"I thought I'd drop you a quick line to let you know that I received your Super Secrets to Real Estate Wealth course yesterday. I was very impressed by how quickly it arrived - within 48 hours of ordering it!

I was simply amazed when I opened the package and saw all of the contents. I was like a boy in a toy store as I unpacked everything and skimmed through it. There is so much information to go through that it is almost daunting and I asked myself:  'where do I start?'

It was interesting, because your package taught me something about myself before I even opened it!

When I went to the post office to collect the package, there was a long queue and I waited in anticipation.

Finally it was my turn and I asked for my parcel.

The post office clerk presented me with this big box with purple writing all over it. I felt quite embarrassed and said, 'Well, it's not very discrete is it?' She responded by saying, 'Well, I don't take any notice, a package is a package to me, sign here.'

I left rather quickly and put the package in the car.

As I drove home, I thought my reaction was quite bizzare and I analysed what I felt when I got the package.

The main thing that came back to me was that I was worried about what other people thought about my pursuit and I was concerned about being put down, or told that I was silly to dream.

I spent more time soul-searching and decided I must put that feeling behind me and move on as this could really hold me back on my journey. So, from now on I decide to think 'Who cares what people think! Just do it!'

Thanks once again."

Bernie Wiemers, Dunlop, ACT


"The case studies present a broad range of examples
that make it easy to understand the process"

"I have learnt that it is possible to invest in property with a positive cash flow. I have been down the negative gearing path and understand that it does not provide for the ability to continue purchasing property. There is a limit as to how far you can go. I have also looked at the wrap scenario, and I am not completely comfortable with that approach.

I have been looking for this type of solution for quite a while and this course presents that material in a concise and straightforward approach with significant detail. The Super Secrets To Real Estate Wealth course is very easy to understand and enables you to think about what is required to get out there and do the business.

The case studies present a broad range of examples that make it easy to understand the process.

Hans' style of coaching is quite impressive with significant depth of information and a straightforward delivery approach that is easy to understand.

I would recommend the course to anyone interested in investing in property as an invaluable learning experience."

Gary Woodcock, Melbourne, Victoria


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