residential real estate imageAre You Worried About Tenants?

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for many people when it comes to real estate investing, appears to be the issue of finding and managing tenants.

There is so much fear over this single issue that some people never even get started with property investing, because they are worried that:

  • They won’t find tenants to rent their property and they will be unable to meet their loan repayments
  • Their tenants will trash the place or leave without paying the rent
  • They won’t find good tenants
  • They are not sure how to find a good property manager
  • They don’t know how much rent to charge their tenants
  • They are not sure how to deal with tenants or property managers
  • They don’t know where to go for good, honest, reliable advice and guidance

There Are Some Simple Solutions:

If you are worried about tenants, you can rectify this situation by improving your education, because the more knowledge you have about a particular area, the more confident you will become.

You need to invest in your education before you invest in property. This will help speed up the learning curve for you and will minimise any mistakes you are likely to make.

The fact is that some people will ALWAYS choose to, or have to rent.

If you think about it, it can’t ever be any different!

Here Are 6 Reasons Why People Will Always Rent:

  • Young people will always move away from their parents to establish households of their own
  • People will relocate for work related reasons, health, lifestyle, family and many other reasons and in doing so they will generally rent before they decide to settle in an area permanently
  • If a household dissolves due to a relationship split, death or illness, one or more groups may need to set up separate households and generally they will rent until their affairs are sorted out. These people may even end up as permanent renters
  • Retirees may choose to sell their property and rent a smaller, easier to manage place and spent their money on travel and entertainment
  • People starting a business may need to sell their home and raise capital for their business and rent while they grow their business
  • People who may have experienced a business or financial setback may need to sell their home and rent so they can pay off their debts.

These are just some of the many reasons why people will ALWAYS rent and why you need have no concerns about finding tenants if your property is clean, attractive and offered at the market rent or less.

In The Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth Course
You'll Find A Truckload Of Strategies
Related To Finding And Managing Tenants
To Help You Protect Yourself From:

  • Poor quality tenants
  • Tenants leaving without paying the rent
  • Sloppy property managers and bad property management procedures
  • Undercharging for your property

Here's what you'll get:

On DVD # 5 I go into these issues in detail. Here’s a quick snapshot of what you’ll discover:
  • What every investor forgets to do before interviewing a tenant or property manager!
  • The amazing secret to hiring a top property manager!
  • How to virtually guarantee your tenants pay their rent on time… without having to resort to legal action!
  • How to quickly and easily determine if a prospective tenant can really afford to pay your rent! 
  • Why almost everyone is wrong about how to manage a property… and the simple secrets to doing it properly!
  • How to avoid the biggest mistake when screening a new tenant!

residential real estate graphic

In Workbook # 2 . . . I show you some of the pitfalls you may encounter and how to make sure you don’t make these same mistakes. You’ll also find Property Management Questionnaires on pages 111 and 112, and a Rent Verification Statement on page 113
PLUS . . You’ll also get the book, Landlording By Checklist - which shows you everything that needs to be taken care of in an efficient property management function.
AND . . . The Due Diligence Made Simple book, which also comes with the Super Secrets ® To Real Estate Wealth course has a whole section on finding a good property manager to manage your tenants for you.

As you can see,

The Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth Course

  • Finding Good, Well Paying Tenants
  • Securing Your Rental Income
  • Protecting Your Property From Damage
  • Finding The Best Property Managers

So You’ll Never Need To Worry About Tenants, Ever Again, No Matter How Many Properties You Buy

Remember: With My Help, Proven Education Program And 1-On-1 Personal Coaching Session, dealing with tenants will become a breeze for you. All your concerns are answered in this most comprehensive real estate investing course.


When you order the Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth course this month, you will receive my Top 10 Tips On Finding And Managing Tenants as an Added Bonus Gift.

And the best part is, you can get started right now for less than a thousand dollars with our easy payment plan.

Warm Regards,

Hans Jakobi - Your Wealth Coach®

P.S. Don’t let your concerns about tenants hold you back from either getting starting or buying more real estate properties. All the details on EXACTLY how to find good tenants, secure your income, protect your property and finding the best property managers are in this course!

P.P.S. Remember: the heat has gone out of the real estate market which makes it easier for you to find good deals. Interest rates are also on hold. And, with my easy payment plan, there’s no reason why you can’t get started today.

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